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Any suggestions for baby shower center pieces with Tinkerbell as the theme?

Guin from Pittsburgh, PA



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By Debbie (Guest Post) 06/19/2008

For the baby shower: Tinkerbell could be holding the wrapped baby instead of a stork.

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Archive: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

I need help making centerpieces for a birthday party. The theme is Tinkerbell. I am totally blank. Please help. I am looking for homemade ideas with a Tinkerbell theme.

Betty from Montclair California

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

Think Fairy Sparkles - sprinkle white paper cloth with gold and silver star shaped confetti then cover with cheap voile fabric. Make magic wands from garden canes wrapped with silver parcel ribbons and stars on top. Put thin holographic wrapping paper through a paper shredder to make strands of sparkle. (09/13/2005)

By angalmond

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

They have edible glitter, it is used a lot on wedding cakes you could sprinkle that around (think fairy dust). She also had wings so maybe while the Halloween stuff is out you can look at some of the wings they have for costumes and make some yourself. (09/14/2005)

By Reece71

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

On this website in the craft section is a easy way to make a silver wand. http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf615176.tip.html Do you know how to make a pinata? You could make a tinkerbell one if you do. (09/15/2005)

By christi

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

HI'm also having a Tinkerbell party for my daughter, but hers will be a costume party. As far as a centerpiece, I'll be using medium sized pumpkins and purchasing little girl's fairy wings (99 cent store) and putting them on the pumpkin. I'm thinking of maybe also using the pumpkin as a dip bowl, by carving off the top. enough to place a small bowl with dip inside but only on the top, not all the way down, and using the carved off piece as a lid. (09/26/2005)

By ghbetty

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

I am not sure how it is in California but here at our local Flea Markets (hispanic based) they have these really awesome Tinkerbell Ceramic banks that you can put as centerpieces on tables. And at the end of the party the kids get to take them home and use them as piggy banks. I used those for my centerpieces for my daughters party and they were a great hit. (10/04/2005)

By Rachel

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

I was thinking of doing 3 fairy ones and putting them on a round foam. But I really don't know waht else to do with that. (10/04/2005)

By Elaine

Archive: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

I am look for Tinkerbell centerpieces.

Haydee from Kearny, NJ

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

I got a small vase and filled it with silk flower petals (light purple), and put in water and a floating candle. I also added some cheap gift wrapping ribbon in a light green color and tied a bow around the top of the vase. And I found some cute tinkerbell bottlecaps at Michael's ans put them underneath the bow. It came out really cute. And everything I bought was at Michael's on sale. I think the vase was only 1.99. (07/22/2007)

By Izzy

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

I bought the plastic cup of tinker bell at wal-mart for about $.59 and fill them with tissue paper and candies. isn't that what kid's parties all about? (candy) (09/18/2007)

By Anna

RE: Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas

Personally, I think that it all depends on what your daughter likes. As for me, my daughter is turning ONE and we are doing her birthday themed with Tink. She is my little fairy, and I think it's a perfect thing to have for her. If I had to make a centerpiece, which I may end up doing, I would probably think of things that go along with fairies: fairy dust, pink, purple, green, pirates (like on Peter Pan), and the list goes on and on. I would then ponder to think of something cool I could make using some of those ideas. An example is the foam stuff that you can use to make floral arrangements (white not green). You could buy that and carve it into fairy wings? Paint them, sprinkle with glitter, and place them in the center of the table on the top of a pink or purple piece of silk, and sprinkle glitter around as well as flower petals. At Hobby Lobby, I found some fairy dust, a wand, and other cute things that I could use for the party... and it all came from the Valentine's DAY section. Just an idea. Well, good luck. (01/14/2008)

By Rachel

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