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Remedies for Dry Sunburned Skin

Dry Sunburned Skin Remedies

Spending too much time in the sun can leave you with dry sunburned skin. This is a guide about dry sunburned skin remedies.



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Question: Dry Sunburned Skin

I got a BAD facial sunburn on Sunday, it's healing and now the skin on my forhead and cheeks is very dry and very tight. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Please help,

Sunburned Samantha

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By B 1 56 04/29/2005

Glycerine will help moisturize it. You can find a bottle of this in the pharmacy area of any store and by the first aid too. There is a product called Aquaphor that contains glycerine that can be found with the hand creams and stuff like that. That works great for me.

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By Amy (Guest Post) 02/08/2008

I too recently got my face sunburned. I don't like using sunscreens as they are very greasy - but I should have been using a facial moisturizer with sunscreen. Anyway, I was trying to be careful and stay under a gazebo that has an SPF built into it, but I guess just the few minutes that I was in the sun was enough to get my face burned. My arms and shoulders also got burnt, but they aren't bothering me, just my face it.

As I'm studying to become a beautician, I thought I should start getting into the habit of cleansing and moisturizing my face. I thought that I may have ex-foliated too much and that that was what caused my face to be so red and sore, but then remembering that my face did get sunburnt. I now know that it's the sunburn that's caused my face to be so red and sore. I was using Nivea to wash my face with, but it just stung so bad it wasn't funny. I started using a hydrocortisone cream (1%) and that helped to reduce the redness a bit, but again was stinging at times.

I have now just purchased some L'Oreal for dry and sensitive skin, and it's great. The first wash it stung a tiny tiny bit, but this morning (3rd wash with it since purchasing it), there was NO sting with the cleanser. I got a mild sting from the toner and a mild sting from the moisturizer.. But now I'm noticing my skin is getting tight and wrinkled.

And I come across this posting... So I now know, again, it's definitely the sunburn that's doing this to my face. It feels really uncomfortable, just like I've got a clay mud mask on my face all day! Sorry I can't offer any more advice, but I think it's just something we are going to have to put up with, until it's gone. I doubt you would be left with any scarring. Oh, and I know how weird it looks too... only the bottom half of my face got burnt, so I have a pale forehead, red cheeks nose and chin, and pale neck!

I think from now on, I'll always be wearing a facial moisturizer with an SPF in it! Hope everyone's skin returns to normal soon! I guess we live and learn!

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By trisha 1 06/09/2008

I was just burned while at an amusment park (silly me). I was red... almost purple. I was suffering with pain. I tried aloe with lidocaine and solarcaine and neither really worked for me I was still in a whole world of hurtin. The thing that worked best for me was vinegar... yes... vinegar.

It took the sting out and stopped the burning. It is an old home remedy but it does work. Now here's the catch. Vinegar is has astringent qualities so your gonna have to moisturize you skin as soon as you can. Use something without fragrance if possible. Aloe is great for that although it feels quite heavy and slimy.

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By Cora 1 113 05/29/2009

Buy a can of Carnation whole evaporated milk (not the skim). Use soft cotton balls to apply the milk to your sunburn. It is healing and also makes the skin feel soothed if you refrigerate the canned milk prior to using it.

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Question: Sun Burn Remedy

I recently got a bad sunburn on my face and it's in the process of healing. My skin is dry, peeling, and it is very tight so I can't move my face. I am in a lot of pain! I have tried aloe vera, lotion, and facewash, but it doesn't help, it just stings really bad. There is dry skin peeling off my face and it leaves raw skin that is very tender. Please help. I don't know what to do. Any recommendations? I need something to help my face that works, fast. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding next week, and I can't have a messed up face.

By Maddy

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By ellepea28 1 08/21/2013

Coconut flesh made into a paste, the best Thailand remedy I've ever used!

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