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Cat with Itchy Ears


I have a six year old "tuxedo" cat named Albert, who has an itchy ear problem. I tried the parasite meds and I don't see anything in there. Does the vinegar work for cats too? He weighs about 10 pounds.

Kathy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin



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By Judi 18 938 12/31/2008 Flag

I wouldn't put vinegar in his ears. You can't see ear mites with the naked eye. You can often see mite feces but not always. By parasite med. I'm assuming you mean mite med....right? ?What kind and how long did you treat the cat? Go to your vet and ask for ear mite med. Don't ask what makes the cats ears itch unless you want to make an appointment. Veterinary personal are instructed to NOT make a diagnosis but can recommend an over the counter med when you ask for a specific product. This is sort of like asking the pharmacy what is making your head hurt instead of asking for a good headache med. You need to treat every day for 3 weeks. A hit and miss treatment isn't going to do it.

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By Steph (Guest Post) 01/01/2009 Flag

Yeah, I agree with "Glenn'sMom" hehe, the one cat in this house has ear-mites, too, the feces is visible though, I actually gave him some drops for it.

I have "Ear Mite Treatment" (for cats and dogs) by the company, "Gimborn" if that helps at all. I just put a few drops in each ear and massage it in gently and check back in a day or two for any improvements.

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By Kathy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Guest Post) 01/01/2009 Flag

We did the mite med for two weeks as recommended by the vet assistant. Maybe it's time to take him in. Thanks for your help!

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By Sherry 72 83 01/07/2009 Flag

If he has ear mites you can order through several places on line for ear mite medicine. Dr Fosters and Smith is a good site to start on. I think I would take him to the vet first and have him checked out tho.
I had a cocker with the same problem and was constantly having to rinse her ears out and then put mediine in them. Good luck to you .

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By Amy 28 01/07/2009 Flag

If it turns out not to be ear mites, I have a cat whose ears I clean out periodically with a little mineral oil. Out of six, the only one who seems to get 'gunk' in her ears & it definitely irritates her. I just put a little on a cotton swap & gently get off what I can where I can see. Years ago, my vet suggested it for a dog with a similar problem & it's worked great!

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By Anne W. (Guest Post) 01/07/2009 Flag

I would be cautious about putting vinegar in a cat's ear without knowing what is really going on as there are many ear problems that a cat may have that vinegar could irritate. While more costly, a vet check would be in order to rule out an infection, and or yeast. Your cat will thank you.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 01/07/2009 Flag

Take kitty to the vet.

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By Cal Honey Bear 1 04/24/2010 Flag

Take Albert to the vet. Years ago I noticed one of my cats shaking her head and scratching at her ears. I assumed it was ear mites, but when I took her to the vet they discovered a yeast infection. They washed out her ears and sent me home with some follow-up treatment and the problem never came back. For your cat's sake, don't try to self-diagnose the problem.

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