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Whiter Whites with Borax Rinse


Add a teaspoon of Borax to the final rinse when washing white clothing. Make sure the Borax doesn't have any clumps in it so that it will dissolve quickly.


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By Vic (Guest Post) 05/28/2004

Can you use it with bleach?

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By Jo Bodey [1] 05/28/2004

Be careful with borax if you recycle your graywater to the garden, (common here in Australia where we have droughts and water restrictions). Boron is a mineral essential to plant growth but too much is poisonous to plants.



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By Anne H. (Guest Post) 05/30/2004

I don't think there is any problem using borax in a load with bleach. As far as greywater systems go, I wish that was more common here! I think most people in the US just have it all go down the drain. I wonder how one would put a greywater system in? Maybe I'll research it. People in the Southwest are going to have to start thinking about these things... too many people and not enought water.

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