Baby Wipes Prevent Fleas In Kittens


Having a new litter of kittens in the house is wonderful, until you discover fleas. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do for fleas on newborn kittens. I discovered a great tip. Baby wipes with aloe! The kittens love being rubbed down with them. Don't worry about rubbing vigorously. They love it, just like momma giving them a bath. And, if I keep a close eye on them and do this daily, I won't see another flea.

By Kimber from WV

Editor's Note: Be sure to wait at least a week or two before handling newborn kittens and then only for a short amount of time. The mother can reject them if they don't smell right.



By Gina (Guest Post) 11/16/2006

Does anyone know if this works on puppies too?

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By Amanda (Guest Post) 09/27/2008

I'm not sure but it wouldn't hurt to try, because it is working on my kittens.

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By (Guest Post) 10/30/2008

I tried this on my 2 week old kittens and I have not seen fleas on them since...It's cheap since wipes under $3 a container in most places. I also bought lavernder baby shampoo to bathe them in since it is tear free.

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By Tammy 1 06/18/2009

I have never tired the wipes I thought about it but I tried the Dove dish soap and it worked. A baby kitten found my home and at first I did not see fleas but then I noticed a few. It was amazing it worked.

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By NEWFIEGIRL 8 426 12/15/2012

Dogs/Cats are not born with Fleas attached to them. Please check the environment they are bred in including their parents before they arrive. And animals have been known to physically kill their off-springs if they detect any foreign smell on them. I don't intend to be an alarmist but these are the correct facts. Check with your Veterinarian.

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By jkmclark2011 1 05/16/2013

Do you think the baby wipes would work for a baby squirrel? I found a baby squirrell and it has fleas very badly.

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