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Pricing Rag Rugs To Sell

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I make crocheted rag rugs and know that the general rule of thumb is that you price by the inch. For instance 36 inches would be $36.00 if you make and sell. But for a round rug, do you measure and price from center to edge or completely across?

Patricia from OH



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By Susie Graham [4]12/10/2009

Hi Patricia, I sell my rugs by the inch method. I just measure how many inches it is across and charge accordingly, Thanks for your question! Susie Graham

By Kristy Sandidge06/24/2009

I sell my rugs by the square foot. $6.00 for yarn and $8.00 for fabric. Now, I might tweak it a bit if the price seems a bit high/low dependant upon weight or degree of difficulty. Sometimes I'll just do a flat rate of 5.00 if selling at a bazaar. Here is a web site to convert to sq. ft. ... materials/square-footage-calculator/

It also tells you how to do the math yourself for circles. Hope this helps!

By anna11/05/2008

one of the ladies in my crochet group told me to price crocheted items for sale one should take the price of the yarn & multiply it by 3 and then add the cost of hourly wage. But I just can't see this being feasable. Pretend a sweater took you 20 hrs to make + $50 in yarn. Pretend minimum wage is $6.00 per hr. That's already $120 right there. Plus triple your yarn cost and there's $150. Who in their right mind is going to pay $270 for a crocheted sweater. I don't care how cute it is...I wouldn't do it.

I'm crocheting some dog sweaters to sell at a craft fair. If I went by the 'multiply by 3' rule I never would be able to sell them. I used $6.00 homespun yarn so that would be $18 + a $6.00 fun fur yarn, another $18. Plus it took me approx 8 hrs to crochet it...there's $56 in labor. Who in the world is gonna pay $92 for a dog sweater? I am getting ready to put them in a craft fair and plan on charging $15 for them. The reason I am being so cheap on them is because I could make 20 dog sweaters and still have lots of fun fur left over. It doesn't use much of it at all.

Pricing rugs is probably different than pricing clothing, gifts and other crocheted acessories so I would just go with what you feel it is worth.

By Sandi [390]10/30/2008

I make and sell rag baskets. I sometimes price by the stitch. If you can do the math by the inch, you can go a bit deeper and see how many stitches you can make in say...60 seconds.
Then, if you charge by the minute and it's not enough, either up the price or see how much charging by the stitch is.

Some people do the "Times 3" way, which is you take your hourly wage, add the cost of the material, then times that by 3. Drawback: I can spend .25 cents on something and it will take me 2 minutes to make it, so that doesn't always work.

Sometimes, you can ask someone on ebay how they price their items, and play around with the bottom line. Good luck!

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