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Giving a Sweatshirt a Makeover

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I was given a very nice sweatshirt recently that was very large and roomy (which I like) but I need to do some makeover on it before I can wear it. I have cut off several inches of the sleeves and also cut off the elastic waist band at the bottom as I like my sweatshirts hanging straight down. Now what? Any creative people out there who can give me some ideas? I would certainly appreciate it. I have a sewing machine so that is no prob. Thanks you.

Lisa from Greece



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By (Guest Post)01/31/2008

THANKS EVERYONE, I have so many new ideas for my sweatshirt now! Will let you know how it turns out. Maybe even send in a photo! :)

By Roxanne Kaufhold01/30/2008

My best friend once gave me a sweatshirt that a friend of hers helped do, where they took an over sized bandanna, cut a hole in the middle and fabric glued and sewed onto/around the collar. I still have it and it's really cute.

By joan pecsek [88]01/30/2008

When I was in high school my best friend's little sister was in that growing-like-a-weed stage. To extend the life of her sweatshirts her mother would remove the ribbed cuffs and bottom band and add several rows of wide eyelet. It was so pretty and girly -- everyone loved it!

By Marty Dick [163]01/30/2008

I love decorationg tee shirts and sweat shirts. I use fabric which has been backed with wonder under, then use sparkle paint to outline the pictures and keep fraying to a minimum.
I also, many moons ago, took a ball point pen and lightly drew a bow with short streamers and then sewed different colors of buttons around the outline. Hence "buttons is bows" and not buttons and bows.
You can put gathered eyelet lace on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. Just let your imagination run completely wild. That's what makes if your shirt and not someone else's

By D (Guest Post)01/30/2008

I have cut off sleeves and bottom ribbing and turned the fleece up on the outside of the garment to expose the different texture that is inside of the sweatshirt, I did a buttonhole stitch along the turned-up edge to finish it and I got compliments on that shirt..try it and see if it pleases you.

By Mairmie. (Guest Post)01/30/2008

On PBS television tune in to SewingWithNancy. She has a half hour program once a week. Today she was working on Sweatshirts. She also has books available on the subject. Some of the shirts are beautiful Go online at: also puts out a catalogue.The phone number is: 800-833-0690.Hope this helps.

By Julie [49]01/30/2008

I just altered mine the same way not to long ago. I hate the elastic bands at the bottom that gather. So I did as you did and cut off both the sleeves ribbing band and the bottom band. Then I took cotton fabric that matched it well and sewed me a extra casing band around both areas as wide as I liked them. My sweatshirt was solid light blue with our states iris embroidered on the front which is purple so i took floral fabric print that matched it and sewed it on like mentioned. Because I too like my tops to hang straight down. And save your ribbing bands for other projects like necklines & cuffs for kids, doll clothes etc.

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