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Removing Dusty/Musty Odor from Dry Clean Only Jackets

I have a suede coat and a short fake fur jacket. My husband stored them in a large plastic container and unfortunately, they weathered our humid summer in his shop.

Now they have a definite smell, actually more "dusty" than "musty", but I could be wrong. They are not washable. Must I dry clean or can the smell be removed? Thanks.

By Gina from Jackson, MS

Recent Answers

By Janet [7]02/08/2010

Just a note, furs should not be stored in any kind of plastic. They need to be stored in breathable materials (such as in a pillowcase).
My dry cleaner used to store my fur during the warm months for a fee of about $25.00. My jacket always came back to me in good shape.

By Gina [1]02/03/2010

Thank you so much for all the options; as soon as it stops raining, we are going to try airing it out first.
I appreciate your answer. Gina

By jean leiner [12]02/03/2010

1. Fabric refresher spray used on the lining
2. Tumble in the dryer with dryer sheets on lowest heat or air settings.
3. Hang outside to air for several days.
4. Hang in a garment bag with with a container of charcoal, coffee grounds or baking soda in the bottom. Leave for several days. Make sure bag is closed

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