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Craft: Sweet Gum Mini-Wreath

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Sweet Gum Mini-Wreath

This wreath is made from the seed pods from the Sweet Gum tree. This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard. They may be available in craft shops in the North, or perhaps you can find a place to buy them on line. Here in Arkansas, they are easily gathered.

Approximate Time: under an hour


  • Sweet Gum Seed Pods (This wreath takes 6-8 Sweet Gum Balls)
  • White Chenille Stem
  • plastic tree decoration for Candle flame
  • Ribbon or wooden bow
  • Optional: red beads, artificial snow
  • 1/16th inch drill bit
  • Nylon fishing line or beading wire
  • Hot Glue gun


Using a 1/16th inch drill bit, drill a hole completely through each gumball. String the balls on either a piece of heavy nylon fishing line, or a piece of beading wire. Draw up tightly to form a circle, and tie a knot, then form a loop for the hanger. Use as many gumballs as you need to make a nice circle.

Add a bow to the front. I have added a small wood bow because I work in wood, but you could use a ribbon bow. I have put a candle in the center made from a 4-inch piece of white chenille stem wrapped around a skewer (a knitting needle would also work for this step) The flame for the candle is available at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas decorations. They are tiny Christmas lights, made from plastic, and come on a string; I just cut them apart for this project. Glue the flame inside the chenille stem candle, and then glue the candle to the bottom center of the wreath. A hot glue gun works well for this step. You can further dress up your wreath with a little artificial snow. Or add some red beads in clusters of 2 or 3 to represent holly berries.

Click Here to download the instructions in PDF format.

By Harlean from Arkansas


About The Author: Harlean Greathouse is a mother of three who has been married for 45 years. Long time readers of ThriftyFun will probably recognize her as Harlean from Arkansas, the name she has posted under as a valuable member of the ThriftyFun community. She specializes in wood crafts and enjoys designing crafts using recyclable materials, knitting, crochet and has been an arts and crafts vendor for over 35 years.


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By linda g (Guest Post)02/18/2009

I have thousands of these! Any other ideas?

By Barbara Huggins [8]12/18/2007

I have one of these trees in my front yard that I have been cussing for over 8 years and I live in Illinois!
I am so happy to see that there is actually a use for the gum balls.
Thank you.

By (Guest Post)12/18/2007

Clever, a very clever idea!

By suzanne [240]12/17/2007

adorable. simply adorable

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