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Use Vegetable Shortening for Very Dry Skin

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If you suffer from dry skin, or just want a good moisturizer, try Crisco. I know it sounds gross, but it really works well, is cheap and sinks in. The only problem I have found is that my dogs follow me trying to lick it off. ;)

Source: My doctor told me about this tip.

By Mina from Bonaire, GA


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By Darlene M.D. (Guest Post)01/12/2009

I learned in medical school that at Duke University they recommended vegetable shortening for dry skin. I need to try it myself.

By Marsha Yon (Guest Post)12/07/2008

I started using vegetable shortening 10 years and the trick to using it without messing your clothes is to use a small amount and rubbing it in your hands until its warm and rubbing it over the trouble area.

By Artlady (Guest Post)06/16/2008

I do this in the winter. My skin gets especially dry then. After I get out of the shower, I smooth it on lightly. It usually is absorded and not a problem with being oily. Works great!

By metroplex [81]04/29/2008

My sister has a friend that has used crisco to take off her makeup plus her eye make up for years and years. She uses a wash cloth to remove it, but I understand that the makeup hardly budges from the wash cloth when you wash it.

By princess (Guest Post)04/20/2008

Just use petroleum jelly, it helps, I swear!

By Cajun (Guest Post)04/11/2008

Crisco was once known as "Miracle C" and studied by Universities for it's skin healing properties.

By Holly [349]04/08/2008

I use coconut oil, then wipe as much off as possible before going to bed. Wear cotton gloves!
This is for the middle of the winter.

By (Guest Post)04/02/2008

Grease in your clothing is a downside to this trick. My father-in-law was told to do this by his doctor. I wish his doctor had to do Pop's laundry! The grease would NOT come out, no matter what I did. There was just too much of it. And after a few months, his clothing began to smell rancid. UGH!

By Judi [17]04/02/2008

Don't you have to worry about grease on your clothes?

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