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TV Keeps Shutting Off

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We have a SONY big screen TV that we bought new 8 years ago. We are having some trouble with it now, and wondered if anyone else has had the problem, or knows what it might be. If you watch TV for awhile and then turn it off, and then in a few minutes turn it back on, it shuts off all by itself. Before it shuts itself off, the screen will flash bright green several times, then power right down on its' own.

It is still doing this, but before it powers down, the screen will go black and we may get sound. Now it doesn't want to stay on at all, even if we wait overnight to turn it on. Any thoughts, comments, help? Thanks!

Shirley from Southwest Michigan



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By Elizabeth Kent [9]05/10/2009

Ours was a Quasar (Panasonic?) about 9-10 years old, did the same thing for a year or so then quit completely. Wouldn't turn on again. Had nothing to do with the remote because it happened when we pushed the off button on the set. We would often have to turn it off 3 or 4 times for it to take.

Liz - Salinas, CA

By pat (Guest Post)07/29/2008

Has something happened to your remote? Like inadvertently setting the 'sleeper' timer - or auto shutdown? Do you turn it on @ the same time each day? Play with the menu @ a totally different time and see what happens.

By Dena Roberts [31]07/28/2008

It sounds like you have Gremlins in the TV...your best bet would be to call a repair person...get a written estimate first...may be better to buy a new one!!

By christi [66]07/28/2008

This happened to my parents tv. It was the brain box, and cost about 160 dollars to get fixed.

By Shirley [9]07/28/2008

Do rear projection TVs have fans?

By bradgez (Guest Post)07/24/2008

Is the fan working properly? It may be overheating.

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