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Spring Fling Ideas


I am the faculty adviser for a student-led community service club at the high school where I teach. The students want to have a "Spring Fling" at a retirement home to provide the residents with something fun to do for an evening. Does anybody have any ideas about games, decorations, music, etc?

Thanks in advance.




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By me 3 88 02/22/2007

Most of the residents are prob. in their 70's maybe. I think that maybe they would love to be transported back in time . Maybe a 50's sock hop, Dance type of thing. Poodle skirts etc. Find a mixed 50's music rock and roll cd or tape. you can get old records at thrift stores to use as decorations. Think happy days, grease, etc. The games are a little harder, but i would say find games that were real big back then, like board games, be nostalgic, everyone needs to have a little fun once in awhile no matter what the age. It doesnt have to be wild and crazy, just the impression of the theme.

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By Laine Butterworth (Guest Post) 02/23/2007

No suggestions at the moment; just a heartfelt joyous response to these kids. What a wonderful idea.


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By Shirley 1 6 02/23/2007

BINGO! They all love to play it! You can have them play for dimes and/or small prizes like costume jewelry or stuffed animals.

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By sara (Guest Post) 02/24/2007

Cheers for those kids. I work with the elderly so let me pop in some advice.
Keep your activities low key and "lame". The best "fun" an older person can have is just getting to chat with someone and have that person listen to them. Dignity is the best gift your kids can give. If there is something funny to watch or hear that's good too, but should be kept short and sweet.
Please remember that "active" isn't possible for many people.
Enjoy your new friends.

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By Mary 1 4 02/25/2007

How about a fiesta theme? I recently hosted a baby shower including men and woman and used this theme. Oriental Trading catalog has lots of items which are budget minded. Or, you can look at the catalog and maybe copy some of the ideas. Everyone enjoyed the shower/party especially since it already starts out with an expectation of having a fun time. Maybe you could try a Hawiaan (sp?) theme, also. Good luck!

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By Emm <3 (Guest Post) 05/11/2007

Hey everyone! Im having a spring fling at my school and well Im the boss so I need some ideas!

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