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Decorating a Pink Christmas Tree

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I have a 7 foot pink Christmas tree with clear lights. I would love some suggestions on how to decorate or what colors would go? Thanks.

By Karla from Logan, WV


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By Lilac [18]12/04/2010

I meant to add, I don't think there are rules for Christmas trees.

By Lilac [18]12/04/2010

I would put anything I wanted on it. The more the merrier. The more colors the brighter and happier it will look.

By Dawn Baldi12/03/2009

I have a pink tree as well and I decorate mine in green. The pink and green together look so pretty.Reminds me of Christmases Past.

By anita [3]11/27/2009

Burgundy, would be nice. Dark blue with some silver on it, black balls, but this would be eccentric.

By kathy [2]11/24/2009

I have had a pink tree for the past few years. I use all different kinds of silver ornaments and some crystal ornaments. I always get rave reviews on it-it looks really classy.

I would sugguest using all one color ornaments or it will look too busy.
Kathy in CT

By Dena Roberts [31]11/20/2009

My aunt does hers all in white with lots of feathery ropes and beads.vooks like a fairy tree, so beautiful.


We had a pink flocked live tree one year when I was a little girl and we decorated with mainly red and a bit of silver. The red and pink just looked so cool together!

By Glenda11/20/2009

Another natural counterpart for pink is red (because pink used to be red, after all). This would make it easy to tie in the Christmas theme. I'd still stick with silver accents to give your tree sparkle. (Gold is too warm for a "cool" pink tree...) If you want something trendy, you could also try lime green. That would pop against your pink tree - pretty hip. Have fun!

By Heather Krucker [10]11/18/2009

Love the picture sent in, but when I first read pink I only thought of a Rock 'n Roll Christmas tree. :)

By wendy11/18/2009

I think that the pink Christmas tree would be wonderfully decorated with a pretty silver/ lilac colored theme. perhaps some silver Christmas balls and some pretty lilac colored bows. that would look amazing. You could even use silver and white, or white and different shades of pink other than the color of your tree. I found some amazing ideas.I'il post a pic as well. The one I posted was out of a magazine. I have a few more but I was only allowed to post one. If you want the others feel free to email me at dominantkittie0 AT

RE: Decorating a Pink Christmas Tree

By Mary [1]11/18/2009

HI! You could always go 'psychedelic' with lots of brightly colored 'boas' ( I can never think of the right word for those boa kind of strands that you wrap around the tree(: ), glittery ornaments--the really inexpensive glass or plastic hanging ones sprayed with adhesive and rolled in beads would be nice, and a fun project, felt flowers cut out from felt and possibly cut in different sizes, layered and hot glued together with a glitter center, your own homemade beaded chains made with the inexpensive, large plastic beads, some of them glittered--kind of a 'beads and flowers' motif--can you dig it,man? (; Just some thoughts--good luck and Merry Christmas, E

By Joan [13]11/17/2009

The ones I have seen in stores are done in either silver or white. I have also seen one done up in black. However, I so far this year the only store that I have been in is WalMart and they don't have stuff like that. I think purple would even work.

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