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Advice For Cat That Doesn't Bathe Itself

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I've recently adopted two cats from a local shelter. They're 11 months old. Sadie cleans herself constantly and smells just fine, but her brother Zack doesn't clean himself often, and he has terrible BO.

What is a natural "no wash shampoo" that I can use to wipe him down with? (I don't want to bath him much because they still got their claws, and he is very fearful from some terrible experiences while they were street cats)

Also, I read about this Expel Odor Neutralizer - does anyone have any experience with using this on the cat directly? Since they lick themselves I want to make sure I don't use anything that may be harmful.

Anna from NYC



Recent Answers

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By Louise B. [4]11/21/2007

Assuming that the cat isn't ill, which it might be, I wouldn't put anything on the cat at all. Just wipe him with a damp facecloth and brush. I use an old baby brush. My cat is too fat to reach his back, and this is what my vet told me to do. The pet wipes might be good, but why bother if water and a brush will do the trick.

I would be concerned thought, that he doesn't like to wash. I would have him checked out by a vet. It doesn't seem normal to me. I have had many cats, both indoors and outside cats and barn cats, and none of them smelled and all of them washed when content.

By lavonneann [4]11/21/2007

I hava a cat that didn't really clean herself and vet told me to wipe her down with clothe dampened with condensed water. This also hepls remove the dander.

By Anna W [2]11/20/2007

Just want to thank everyone for great suggestions; you've been a big help.


By Barbara Jean (Guest Post)11/20/2007

Please take the cat to the vet right away. Cats that do not clean themselves are ill, even if they seem healthy in other ways. It's totally abnormal for them not to clean themselves.

It's important to get her to the vet immediately, because if she is ill, she may will very likely infect your other cat.

By JANET45101 (Guest Post)11/20/2007

I've seen products at Wal-Mart such as cleansing wipes for cats, which might help. Dry products that I believe could be used include baking soda and talcum powder sprinkled on the coat and brushed in against the way the fur grows, to reach the skin. When he's ready, a good, inexpensive shampoo to use is Dawn Original Blue dish washing Liquid. This kills fleas without being harmful to the cat. I've used this on weeks-old kittens with no harmful effects.

Please double-check to make sure whatever you use is "for cats only". Many products that are used on dogs are fatally toxic for cats.Good luck, and thank you for caring about cats! Another thought: if your other cat cleans herself constantly, could this be fleas or a nervous condition? I'd check with your vet, if you haven't already done so. Again, best of luck and blessings.

By Jeanette (Guest Post)11/20/2007

You can purchase wipes at the pet store that are just like baby wipes only for pets I used them on my kittens when they were small and not real good groomers yet. Also a wash cloth dampened with warm water works good too.

By no name today (Guest Post)11/20/2007

Wet cats lick them selves dry after they are washed (with or without soap).You might rinse him off without soap and see if he licks himself dry. If he does, get a clean spray bottle with water and spritz him every so often to help him get the idea.

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