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Removing Oil Pastels From Carpet

Oil Pastels On Carpet

My 2 year old son decided to "decorate" my daughter's carpet with her oil pastel crayons. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting oil pastels out of carpet? It was difficult enough to get it off my son!

Stephanie from Oregon



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By Myrna 16 1,082 08/11/2009 Flag

If the oil is not dried on the carpet yet, try using Murphy's Oil Soap to remove the paint. That's what I used to clean my brushes with and a few drops of water with it to get it activated. You'll have to do use a lot of clean rags so you don't spread the paint around while working it free.

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By Jess 129 764 08/11/2009 Flag

I think I would try some dish detergent, like Dawn as the oil crayons are sort of like a grease stain. There are a lot of products out there, maybe one that is designed for removing automotive grease, like Goop, or Greased Lightening. Good luck, what a cutie. He looks remorseful too!

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By Stephanie Wolf 13 08/11/2009 Flag

My suggestion for the carpet is either mineral spirits, or you can buy the masters brush soap from the fine arts section of your local art supply store. It's in a small plastic tub, and it is is pricey! Mineral spirits is cheaper, but flammable. I'm pretty sure that the art store should have a natural version of turpinoid (essentially a paint thinner) in the oil paint section. Oil pastel on any hard surface is easily removable with a Magic Eraser. I'm kind of an expert on this topic considering that I'm an art teacher! Good Luck!

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 08/11/2009 Flag

Well, they are really made from oil. You'd have some luck buying whatever removes oil based paints on artist's paint brushes (unfortunately it will be flammable!). Also, you'll have a hard time not smearing it. Pour it on, then leave it sit then blot, blot, blot. In small areas you can cut and patch without it showing. For details on how, drop me a note.

You might also try one of those "dry clean" sponges (Google "dry clean sponge"). Not to be confused with a Mister Clean sponge, though that might also work? But, I've never used one.

Also "GOOP" is made to remove grease & oil from mechanic's hands. It might also work?

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By V. Risa - Wizard 1 06/19/2015 Flag

I don't know about you guy's but water, grunt work and a 10 min time out worked well for me to get my pro art oil pastel stain out of my grandmothers white carpet.

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