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Keeping a Cat from Scratching Wound


My cat Poppy has a large wound on her neck close to the top of her head. A collar would not help because of the position of the wound. She scratches the scab off almost as soon as it has healed and it keeps bleeding. She scratches so much that the fur has come out around the wound.

She is an indoor cat and we have another who is also indoor. I think Poppy may have been hurt by the other cat, but I'm not sure. I would like to know how we can stop her scratching so the wound can heal?

By Tara from Aberdeenshire


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By Myrna 16 1,082 11/18/2010 Flag

One of my dogs had a wound and because of its location, a collar wouldn't work, so I put socks on the feet of my dog and used hair scrunchies to keep them in place whenever the dog went outdoors for potty breaks or walk around. I don't know if small sized socks for children would work for your cat, but I don't know what you could use to keep them in place. I think your cat would still need to be watched, but it will keep the cat busy trying to remove the socks instead of scratching the wound. The wound is probably itching when its scabbed over. Have you thought of using Benadryl anti-itch cream around the area. Maybe that might help some.

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,237 11/18/2010 Flag

I am concerned that your cat may have an infection. It would be a good idea to rule that out with a trip to the vet. An infected wound will cause the hair to fall out around it, especially if it is a scratch form another cat. It is unusual for a cat to keep scratching a simple healing wound. Wounds from another cat are almost guaranteed to get infected. If it is an infection you dont want it to spread. Your Vet can bandage it so she cant keep scratching it. Good Luck!

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By Sherri 10 551 11/19/2010 Flag

It sounds like you cat has a bite wound. Please take her to the Veterinarian so your Dr. can prescribe antibiotics and give you an E-Collar. Bite wounds are very serious. This is an abscess that needs to be treated ASAP! God luck.

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By mmblespop 1 12/23/2011 Flag

We fashioned a kitty turtleneck out of an old tube sock with very loose elastic in the cuff. Cut off the sock toe just below the heel or farther down depending on the cat's size. Cut armholes in on either side of the heel. Pull sock down over the cat's head, get paws and legs through the armholes. Makes it harder to take off. Hope it works!

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Question: Cat Scratching Wound

My cat had surgery on his neck and he scratched off his stitches. I took him back to the vet and they put in staples and gave me a collar to use. Three days later he scratched out his staples by getting under the collar, and no I couldn't make it tighter.

The position of the wound makes it impossible for the collar to work, because it to rubs the wound. So I called my vet again, and they had me take him to an emergency clinic. They wrapped it with soft cloth and pulled out the two staples he had left in. I got him home, and he's already scratching off this wrap and getting to the wound! Any ideas on something that would help or work?

By Julie

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By Melody G. 1 10/22/2014 Flag

Tried all suggestions for my cat who has a big (2" long) wound on her neck, and she promptly takes everything off. We are trying putting tape on her paw and will see after an hour how it goes.

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Question: Adopted Cat Neck Scratching Wound

We adopted a cat about 6 weeks ago from an adoption center. He had a small scab on his neck, which he quickly scratched off. We took him to a vet (holistic), who gave us a spray and a cone to keep on until he healed completely. Well, the cone didn't keep him from reaching that spot, so I made a collar for him to wear. Finally, the scab was healed. So I took him to have his nails cut.

I took off the collar and within minutes, he was bleeding from the same spot again! What can I do to keep him from continuing this behaviour, so he doesn't have to wear a collar 24/7, forever? Thanks for any advice. Oh, the vet and shelter cleared him health wise. The vet suspected initially that he may have been allergic to the flea drops and he was microchipped as we left the shelter, but that should have been lower on his back, not on his neck, right?

By Jeff L.

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Archive: Keeping a Cat from Scratching Wound

I have an outdoor cat who has a huge wound on his head. Everyday it gets bigger and bigger. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make him stop scratching it? He's and outdoor cat, though so cones don't really work.

Daniel from Ponoka, AB, Canada


RE: Keeping a Cat from Scratching Wound

You need to figure out why he is scratching. You didn't say where the wound was on the head . If it is near or around the ear then look inside his ear. If you see a bunch of dark brown discharge he probably has an ear infection or ear mites. If you take care of the infection then he should quit scratching his head.

If he doesn't have an infection in his ear then there are a few other reasons to scratch at the head. None of those are usually easily treated (mange mites, ringworm, allergies, fleas). A vet visit would probably be best. They can check for ear mites, fleas, culture for ringworm, skin scrape for mites or try a steroid injection for allergies to begin with. The sooner he gets looked at the better, if the wound gets too big he is going to need antibiotics for the skin infection. (01/15/2008)

By junebug_000

RE: Keeping a Cat from Scratching Wound

You need to keep him inside, with the cone on, until it's healed, you have not much choice in the matter. It should only take a week or two to heal up good enough that he can go back without scratching.

How I know? My outdoor/indoor cat got in a fight twice and I had to cone him and keep him inside as he was also scratching at his. It worked perfectly. (01/15/2008)

By schubunny

RE: Keeping a Cat from Scratching Wound

Please take your fur baby to the veterinarian ASAP, it could be an abscess. If he is outside, he could be fighting or being bitten by another cat. It is now breeding season so you must keep him inside. Good luck (01/16/2008)

By Sherri

RE: Keeping a Cat from Scratching Wound

Please take your cat to the vet for treatment. Wounds should never go untreated. He can probably get an antibiotic injection and perhaps follow up meds to be given and you wouldn't have to deal with a cone. Even the cone would be a short duration of time. This is a serious matter needing vet attention! (01/16/2008)

By Carla

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