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Homemade Acrylic Water

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I would like to learn to use acrylic water with silk flower arrangements. Is there a home made recipe, or do you have to buy the boxes of acrylic water from the stores and mix it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

By sue bee from MO


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Archive: Homemade Acrylic Water

How do I make homemade acrylic water for my silk flower arrangements?

Lady of the World

RE: Homemade Acrylic Water

I make flower arrangements out of beads and wire, and sometimes, I just use river rocks to hold flowers in place, then lots and lots of glue. It takes a while for all the glue to dry, but it works! It also glues all the rocks in place. Make sure to get glue that dries clear. :) (01/03/2007)

By Amber

RE: Homemade Acrylic Water

Have you ever gotten a recipe for homemade fake water? codiesmom AT (11/05/2007)

By Pennie

Archive: Homemade Acrylic Water

I would like to make my own "acrylic water" rather than buying the expensive kits. What ingredients do I need to buy to do this? And, what is the recipe for faux or acrylic water. Many thanks.

By Doggie Lover from Cary, NC

RE: Homemade Acrylic Water

Wow, this wasn't an easy subject to research, but when I finally did find a site with the info. I understood why the info. is scarce, it all sounds pretty complicated to me. Good luck.;wap2 (05/10/2009)

By Anonymous

Archive: Homemade Acrylic Water

How do you make acrylic water for floral arraignments and for floating decorative table decorations?

By Cassandra123 from Wyoming, MI

Archive: Homemade Acrylic Water

How do you make acrylic water or faux water and where would you get the ingredients?

By Ellen from Myrtle Beach, SC

RE: Homemade Acrylic Water;wap2 (10/18/2010)

By Anonymous

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