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Cleaning Tart Burners


How can I clean tart wax from the burner?

By Neets from Beaumont, TX


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By Julie 48 564 04/23/2009 Flag

Freeze it then just take it off with a case knife. When I want to change out my tarts I put it in the freezer then just pop mine out and keep them in a ziplock bag to rechange a scent.

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By Dorina 2 100 04/29/2009 Flag

Ditto for the freezing! I learned it from my MIL. =)

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Archive: Wax for Tart Burners

I love to use tart burners. I now buy votive candles and cut them in half, pull out wick and metal wick holder and use instead of buying the tarts.



RE: Wax for Tart Burners

Using votive candles for tart burners will work, but because of flash point levels votive candles don't have as much fragrance oil in them as melting tarts. When I make tarts I over scent them because I know there won't be any flame involved.

For the people that don't know what a tart burner is, it's like a potpourri burner except it's for scented wax. I use a mug warmer and an old mug. I made fruit scented wax in fruit shapes that I put in a bowl beside my warmer and every once in a while I toss a piece of fruit in the warmer. I have a puppy at my house and using the warmer means I don't have to worry about him bumping into the table and knocking over a lit candle. So I get the benefit of the candle without the flame. (07/07/2005)

By Peggy Z

RE: Wax for Tart Burners

Gee, kids, I must be dense. I read Peggy Z's post on what tart burners are, namely scented wax warmers and saw the picture of cute wax fruits. Can you also put in a fresh piece of fruit and warm it in the tart burner? Now ~ back to the beach! (08/16/2005)

By gidget

RE: Wax for Tart Burners

I always have leftover wax in my candle jars from burning candles. I take the wax from them, pop it in the freezer to release the wax (sometime it needs cut in half), re-melt the wax and add some flavoring. It is a great way to reuse the left over wax and you'd be surprised how much you really waste. I just pour it in regular cookie tart pans (not the ones I bake with) and then I have the perfect sized tarts. It is fun and easy. (03/10/2006)

By katieandjeffy

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