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Christmas List Budget Worksheet (Printable)


Here is the Christmas List Budget Worksheet I like to work off. I list the names of everyone I need to get gifts for, gift ideas and how much I am able to spend on gifts. Then, once I purchase a gift, I put a check next to the person's name and note what I paid for it. Once I have finished my shopping I can compare how much I spent with how much I had budgeted. You can download this Christmas list and print it out, it's in PDF format.


By Fisher at ThriftyFun


By (Guest Post) 11/27/2006 Flag

Thank you for the gift list, I am using a steno book, but this is sooo much better!!

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By Pat Giles 959 11/08/2007 Flag

That is an ingenious idea! Thanks for sharing, and God bless you.

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By Bobbye Spicer 6 7 11/08/2007 Flag

Thanks for this terrific idea! It will make holiday shopping so much easier

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By Cariboo Lady. (Guest Post) 08/10/2008 Flag

Thanks for the super checklist print out. It is ingenious and will be very usefull. I'm going to use it for my Birthday gift list as well, I buy ahead so it will help me keep a budget and also help me remember what I bought for who. Excellent thanks. I have used in the past old business cards with plain backs. I place the name age and other info on the back. They stack nice in a holder in my purse. As I make the purchase I print what it was and price etc. and place it in another pile. It makes me feel less overwhelmed as my to buy pile gets less and my done pile gets bigger. Then I can take it home and fill out the gift done list and budget. I find it easier to manager in the stores than to have a big paper hauled around in my purse and keep it in a folder kept in the car.

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By Elizabet 1 9 11/22/2009 Flag

Socks... Lol! xD

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