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Drying Nail Polish Quickly

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Pam cooking spray will dry fingernail polish quickly.

By Kathy


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By Barbara [16]03/04/2009

Good idea dipping your nails in ice water. I tried the spray Pam and it did dry them, but you have to wash your hands good after to get the oil off. I guess I didn't wait long enough because I messed up my polish, but a plus to it would be that the oil is good for your cuticles.

By kalia (Guest Post)01/18/2008

sweet thanks

By Jamumma! r0fl!! funny name!! (Guest Post)07/13/2007

Under hot-ish water...

By Carol Smith [5]11/11/2004

Dip your nails in ice water. It dries them immediately. no wait time,

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