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Craft: Christmas Mitts and Potholders

Christmas Mitts and Potholders

Do you have four dollars and are able to sew a straight stitch? Here is a quick and easy craft for Christmas. Go to the Dollar store and buy:

  • 1 kitchen towel
  • 1 package of 2 potholders
  • 2 oven mits

You will also need one button the size of the potholder loop. I found they have MANY matching designs at the Dollar store.

Fold your towel in thirds (length wise) as large as your potholder and sew a straight line at the half way point of the length of the towel.

Now fold your potholder in half and sew over the straight sewing line you just made.

The loop of the pot holder will be the loop for your button hole. Sew button on. The towel can be attached to a stove or the handle of your barbecue.

With the oven mitts and extra potholder, you have a really nice gift for anyone.





By Lynda (Guest Post) 12/13/2007

If we miss it this season, and watch for the 75% or greater sales the Dollar Stores have afterwards, we can have a LOVELY gift for around a dollar for all NEXT YEAR, buying an 'year round set' for ourselves or another gift for during the year giving.
Thank you for the wonderful and frugal idea. : )

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