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Hanukkah Craft Ideas

  • Design your own wrapping paper for Hanukkah gifts. Use craft paper or newsprint and stamp Hanukkah symbols such as a menorah or a dreidel onto the paper. Or draw symbols with glue and sprinkle with blue and silver glitter.
  • Make your very own beeswax candles for the family menorah! Beeswax is sold in sheets in lots of different colors. Simply place a length of wick onto a sheet, then roll the sheet tightly around the wick. Press the edge of the wax sheet to the roll, and you've got beautiful homemade candles!
  • Make Star of David decorations for your home. Form a triangle with 3 popsicle sticks and glue them together. Form another triangle the same way. Glue the two triangles together in the form of a Star of David. Draw squiggly lines on the star with glue, and sprinkle with blue glitter if you wish. Hang the stars around your home, using yarn or ribbon.
  • Decorate plain blue ball ornaments with silver and gold paint pens. Draw Hanukkah symbols such as a dreidel and a Star of David. Attach a piece of pretty ribbon to the ornaments and hang them in windows and on cupboard handles.

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I found your Hanukkah Craft Ideas really interesting and most importantly, very easy and comfortable for the kids to try. I would recommend these to everyone to try out.


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