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Decorating A Pink Bathroom


I moved into a house with a pink tub and shower, vanity top, and toilet. I have replaced the toilet and vanity top with basic white, but am not ready to give up the quality made shower. My husband won't paint it, so how can I decorate around it? The floor is white and gray tile.

By Lor from IA


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By Allison 460 11/24/2009 Flag

I think you just have to roll with the fact that it's pink and perhaps do a soft pink around it for the walls, towels, accents. The other option is to really play up the gray.

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By stephanie 37 23 11/24/2009 Flag

Use black as an accent color. A black bathmat and black and white patterned shower curtain would look cool with some wrought-iron looking candle sconces or decorations on the wall. Good luck!

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By dede smith 19 222 11/25/2009 Flag

Embrace the time period! Or embrace the pink!
Ever hear of Neapolitan Ice Cream? No one ever said a bathroom cant be fun instead of pretty, or grown up. I bet if you found an awesome ice cream cones fabric and made your own shower curtain it would be a great start. Paint the wall white and then do a chunk line of chocolate at the top and strawberry (same color as shower) at the bottom. Wonder if you could find large cherries to decorate with, and do the towel racks and such in chrome to mimic the silver spoon? Make 'em say, I want one!

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By anita 5 16 11/27/2009 Flag

I would put burgundy decoration it would make it look good, pink is not that bad.

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By Heather 1 50 11/27/2009 Flag

LOL, I was thinking the very same second line as Dedeswrkshop, as I was navigating from my email to this page: Embrace the pink!

I had a totally pink bathroom once, in a rental, and this is what I did, after agonizing for awhile- I added purples as a third (after the greys and black that were already in the tilework) element, and you'd think it would be garish- but it worked! I accessorized with all different shades of purples, lilacs, and even burgundies and eggplant shades, and it wound up looking very pulled-together. The cost was minimal, too- the vases and ceramics that I put in there were from the $tore, and the towels and bathmat set were from Target- and purple was not terribly popular at that time, so they were dirt cheap, on clearance.

Sometimes the best thing to do with a situation like this is to try to be even more over-the-top with it than it already is- you may be surprised with the end result! :o) Good luck, and have fun with it!

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 458 2,117 11/28/2009 Flag

I agree with the black and pink. Hey, it worked for poodle skirts, right!

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By Teri Van Hecke 7 110 11/29/2009 Flag

Also, a shower curtain - closed at all times - would minimize seeing the pink shower all the time. But, I like the black and grey suggestions, as well as the "Neopolitan" too - I remember seeing the blue/brown combinations last year - at first, YUK, but the more I saw the more it grew on me. Don't fight it - use it!

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By susan winship 4 405 12/02/2009 Flag

How about spring green for towels and a spring green and pastels flower basket on the wall or (if there's room, on the vanity or toilet top. Try a white shower curtain before you go spring-y. You don't want to go overboard.

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When we moved to this house, the wall tiles were beige colored. I painted them dark red to tone down the pink bathroom, applied a few 'stickers', papered the walls and made the curtains from lace curtain material, backed with a cream silky lining material. This type of curtain was quite expensive to buy ready-made. I bought some cream braid for the tie backs. 9 years on and still looking quite fresh.

By Skinnyjinny from Scotland


RE: Decorating A Pink Bathroom

That's pretty. Somehow you got the pink to work right in. Nice! (03/27/2009)

By Cathy S

RE: Decorating A Pink Bathroom

I think you did a fabulous job! If I may ask, what kind of paint is used to paint the ceramic tile that would not chip off? I love your color scheme with the red and white to go with the pink. Great job! (03/28/2009)

By gypsygina

RE: Decorating A Pink Bathroom

Hi gypsygina,
Thanks for your interest. We used a special primer, then 2 coats of ordinary Dulux Satinwood paint and topped it with clear satin varnish. Just make sure the tiles are thoroughly clean before you start! Also we used a small roller to give a really nice smooth finish. The colour, I think, was from the National Trust for Scotland range. I don't know if you'd get satinwood if you are in the States, but it is a very low gloss (satin finish) paint mainly for wood and metal. We used it on a radiator in our last home. (03/29/2009)

By skinnyjinny

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