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Lemon Juice for Ants

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Keep ants out of your kitchen, use some lemon juice on windowsills and doorways.

By Rhonda


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By Rollyat (Guest Post)10/18/2008

Tabasco sauce works like a charm. It kills them by overloading their smell. Ants rely on their sense of smell more on their brain.

By Babs (Guest Post)01/29/2008

Black pepper does not work for me, I tried it, they just walk around it.

By Kathy (Guest Post)12/04/2004

We use lemon fresh polishing spray from the dollar store. I sprayed it everywhere and did'nt wipe it off. Drove them off!! They hated it! Real lemons did'nt work.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]12/04/2004

Use lemon juice to keep ants away. If you wipe down your countertops with lemon juice or lemon based cleaner you will not have a problem with ants. It keeps them away. If you put lemon juice or lemon based cleaner around your outside doors the ants will not try to come inside. We Had an ant problem and when we started doing this the ants disappeared.

By Anna

By Rubye Ferguson05/08/2004

I have used black pepper at the doors or where they come in ...Works Great.

By Rosalie Shoeman (Guest Post)04/23/2004

Have tried a number of other well-known remedies; NONE HAVE WORKED. Will try this one - wish me luck.

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