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Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones


How could I get rid of my granular size stones in my kidney? My doctor told me that it's okay, however I feel a recurring back pain and leg pain that I suspect to be results of those granular stones in my kidneys as the medical scan shows.

By gap from Manila, Philippines


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By mcw 80 1,752 06/18/2010 Flag

My husband had his first kidney stone attack last year and he said the pain was unbearable.
What has worked for my husband is that he drinks a lot of lemonade made from bottled lemon juice, sugar and water. What works for one person, may not work for someone else. He also has low blood sugar so the lemonade helps with his low blood sugar and also breaks down the sizes of the kidney stones so they are easier to pass.
DH has to avoid ice cream since it can cause kidney stone formation.
If you suffer from kidney stones the following foods should be avoided or eaten in moderation.
Foods and Drinks Containing Oxalate
People prone to forming calcium oxalate stones may be asked by their doctor to limit or avoid certain foods if their urine contains an excess of oxalate.
High-oxalate foods higher to lower:
Swiss chard
wheat germ
soybean crackers
black Indian tea
sweet potatoes

Foods that have medium amounts of oxalate may be eaten in limited amounts.
Medium-oxalate foods higher to lower:
green pepper
red raspberries
fruit cake

Source: The Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation.

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By patty 9 06/22/2010 Flag

My urologist suggested that I drink plenty of lemonade and/or Crystal Light. He said that the citric acid in these drinks can help to break down stones that have formed. I hope that this helps and that you get some relief.

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By Litter Gitter 150 558 06/22/2010 Flag

Juice fresh lemons and freeze it in ice trays. Store the cubes in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Put a cube of lemon juice in an insulated mug and fill with ice cubes and water. You'll have lemon water to sip on for several hours. Just keep adding water as you drink it until the cube of lemon juice is melted.

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By Karen Lawson 11 63 06/22/2010 Flag

There are a lot of good advice on here. My daughter has kidney stones too. They started when she was 16. Her doctor recommended the lemon water. He also recommmended no dark sodas unless you drink the equal amount of water after. Another friend said that his doctor recommmended apple cider. You are suppose to drink a glass and follow by equal amount of water. He said if you have an attack, don't eat and start this flush and it will relieve the pain. We haven't tried that but he said it worked for him. He also added that it has to be apple cider and not apple juice. Good luck with this very painful condition.

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By Teresa Tart 1 345 06/22/2010 Flag

I was told to drink lots of water. This helps flush the kidneys.

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 07/04/2010 Flag

Depending on the origin source. Some is calcium some is phosphates. Phosphates come from soda pop consumption. A friend of mine had them up the yin yang, and when he finally quit the pop (as his doctor had said) his kidney stones stopped. My husband gets them too, but does not plan to give up 2 pop a day. I don't buy it, will not serve it, he is on his own without sympathy when he gets an attack. Heads for the clinic, a hypo, an IV to push fluids and waits there till it moves.

The pain of the kidney stone is when it is moving scraping the inside little tubeways. When it stops hurting it is in a pocket or moves on out. This is why straining urine is important to know where it is. A CT will show where it is, but that is pricey if you have no insurance.

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Question: Preventing Kidney Stones

I am 18 year old and I am suffering from a kidney stone for the 3rd time. Now I am having 2 stones, 16.5 mm and 6.5 mm. Kindly give me some solution for this, please.

By Nitesh

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By Dena R. 3 106 01/13/2013 Flag

You can ask your doctor to recommend a dietician who will be able advise you on the proper diet to help prevent this from re-occurring.

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Archive: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

I have had numerous kidney stones, I drink lots of water, no soda, but still get them. Does anybody know a remedy to get rid of them or to prevent them?

Audrie12 from PA


RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

I too have had multiple kidney stones. My doctor told me that the soda thing was pretty much useless. He said its basically an old wives tale and that the benefit you get by just drinking the liquid far outweighs any possible negative side effects. Also, too much milk or calcium will make stones worse because most stones are made of calcium. Also, cranberry juice is very good for your urinary track, so I try to drink that pretty often, and I haven't had any stones in almost three years. Hope this helped. (07/07/2007)

By Greg

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

My urologist told me to empty my bladder whenever I had a chance. He says stones form the quickest in concentrated urine. Since I started doing that, including setting the alarm to ring once in the middle of the night so I can visit the bathroom, I haven't had a stone. (4 years and counting.) (07/07/2007)

By gannon

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

Try lemon juice from 2 lemons, 2 limes, and apple cider vinegar. Mix all together, add honey. I mix mine with warm water to drink. This is what doctor told me to do, it works like a flush. You can get the little yellow lemon juice / lime juice in veg department. (07/11/2007)

By Eeve

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

My doc told me to drink lots of lemonade, to avoid tea (which I love) and drink lots of water daily. He said the acidic nature of lemons (not oranges or other acidic fruits) helps to keep them from forming inside the kidney. You can also just squeeze lemon slices into a glass of water if you don't want/need the extra sugar from making the lemonade. (07/11/2007)

By Angie

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

I have been battling UTI's and kidney stone all my 44 years. The thing that helps me is taking cranberry caplets. I can't drink another glass of cranberry juice. There is no way. The caplets or sometimes capsules really make a difference. I have also use ginger capsules for nausea. This worked great when I was pregnant. Try the caps and see how it goes. (07/11/2007)

By Susie from Buckhead, GA

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

My husband had kidney stones and an old woman from our church told us to brew tea from watermelon
seeds. Even though my husband was taking medicine from the Dr., when we made the watermelon tea, it seemed to really help. Bring water to a boil, then put in the watermelon seeds and let set for 10 minutes or so. You can add some lemon juice and sweetener to help the taste, if desired. Hope this will help, but please see a urologist to find out what is causing your stones.

By Pat437

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

My husband has had numerous kidney stones. We live in a hard water area, and were told it is a must to have a water softener to take out all the minerals. So drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Avoid tea, coffee, and chocolate. (07/12/2007)

By Kathi

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

My husband had kidney stones and his Dr. told him to take vitamin C to keep the urine acidic. He takes a 500mg. capsule daily. Hope this helps. (07/12/2007)

By guest

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

My father had over 150 kidney stones in his life. My brother was on the same track until he bought a water distiller which he used for drinking and cooking water. After that, he never had another kidney stone. A home water distiller is cheaper than the medical bills and the associated pain. (07/12/2007)

By rabbit10mom

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

Your stones can be composed of various compound and crystals. Only an analysis of the actual stone will give this information and this is almost always done when your pass a stone in a healthcare environment. Blood analysis may also be useful (these are generally performed when you see a urologist for your stones).
Avoid tomatoes if your stones have a calcium base (per my husband's diagnosis).

He has over 100 stones identified during his IVP, but has only passed 2 due to proper hydration (lots of spring water because we have a water softener), no cola in the last 15 years (he is 55 years old).
Also check any prescription drugs with your pharmacist. Our daughter takes Topomax and one of the side effects is kidney stones.
Good luck.

By DIana

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

I see that a lot of feedback lists cranberry juice. My urologist said that cranberry (and apple) juice is in fact not good for certain kidney stones and can even cause them. Believe it or not he actually recommended coffee with creamer was better for me. (07/19/2007)

By Jay

RE: Preventing and Eliminating Kidney Stones

Some of the information being posted here is not correct. In fact, cutting back on calcium can cause stones because the oxalate in your diet will all be absorbed and increase the tendency to form stones, if you form calcium oxalate stones, which are what 80% of kidney stones are. They used to think that cutting calcium out of your diet was a good idea, but the peer reviewed scientific studies have shown that to be bad advice. The lemon juice information is good (a good source of citrate). Also, you can take potassium citrate and magnesium citrate supplements because the citrate helps prevent oxalate stone formation. (08/19/2008)

By Greg

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