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Coffee Spilled on Couch

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My puppy just knocked over a full cup of coffee onto my newly covered couch. It's all over the arm and one of the seat cushions. I blotted it and poured tonic water on it (we didn't have club soda) and blotted it up again. I've tried to put pressure to whick it up, but since it's on the arm, it's not a flat surface. It's still wet, so I'm not sure what it's going to look like when it dries. Any tips?



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By peachhead (Guest Post)08/13/2005

Use OxyKick by Bissel---you can buy it at WalMart in the carpet shampoo area near the vacuums. Great also on car upholstery!! It is 2 slim silver canisters together with a purple sprayer on top and costs a bit over 5 bucks--works better than even Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Get an extra one to keep on hand.

By Barbara L. Moore08/11/2005

If the covers are not removeable, dilute some oxyclean in water (either hot or cold depending on what is best suited for the fabric) and blot the mixture onto the stain. Let it sit for a while, follow it up with clean water. Alternate between the two steps until stain fades.

By Rebekah [1]08/11/2005

If the stain's still wet, sprinkle it with table salt .. it'll absorb the stain. Let dry and brush or vacuum it off. If dry, try a paste of baking soda and water .. brush it in gently with an old toothbrush and vacuum away. I would test the baking soda on a hidden part of the couch just to be sure first!

Good Luck to you!


By tamara [3]08/11/2005

You can remove coffee stains and so many others with a simple product found at dollar general, dollar tree or family dollar.
it is called totaly awesome,
It is 1.00 a spray bottle and is kept by the carpet cleaners.
all you have to do is spray it let it sit about 10 min or less and take a damp sponge and dap it, stain is gone, i use it all the time, wish you could buy it in the gallon bottles.

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