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How do You Fill Out a Money Order?

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How do you fill out a money order?

SE from Tucson, AZ


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By hmmmm (Guest Post)02/26/2009

I take it you mail it like any other thing, in an envelope with their correct information?

By Jasmin (Guest Post)04/12/2008

I've wondered about that too. And do you have to be 18 to fill get a money order?

By stephanie (Guest Post)02/18/2008

I'm glad that I am not the only one who is clueless when it comes to writing money orders.

By namol (Guest Post)10/23/2007

Why do they ask for your own address?

By Brad (Guest Post)10/08/2007

What about a money order that has Money Order: Address/ Gift Certificate: Recipient? What do I write there?

Editor's Note: The name of the person who will receive the money order or gift card. The address is probably that person's address.

By sjs (Guest Post)06/29/2007

1. Write the name of the person or company whom you wish to pay on the"Payee","Pay to,"or"Pay to the order of" line. Also write your account number with the company to which you are sending the money order, or include any other important identifying information on this line if there is no other line designated for this information. Fill in this information right away so that the money order cannot be cashed by anybody else if it"s lost or stolen.
2. Fill in your name on the"From,""Purchaser,""Sender," or"Remitter," field. You may also put your account number or other identifying information here if no other space is provided.
3. Write in the addresses. Where it says "Purchaser's address" write in your address, not the address of the person or company you're sending it to. If there is only one address field, write your address unless otherwise noted. Many money orders do not include a field for the address of the person or company to whom you are sending the money order.
4. Sign the money order. There may or may not be a place for you to sign the money order. If there is, it will be on the front of the money order, and it will be labeled as something like"Purchaser, Signer for Drawer,""Purchaser"s signature," or simply"Signature." Do not sign the back of a money order, as this space is usually for the payee"s signature.
5. Fill in the"Memo,""C.O.D. Number,""Re:," or"Used for" space. Not all money orders have this space, but if yours does write your account number with the company to which you are sending the money order or other identifying information so that they know what you are sending the money for.
6. Keep your receipt. Your money order will either have a carbon copy underneath or a portion attached (usually to the side or top) that you can detach and keep for your records. This is your receipt, and you should keep it in case the money order is lost or the recipient claims that it they did not receive it. This receipt will usually have a tracking number that you will need in order to check on the status of the money order if any problem should arise. Without the receipt or tracking number you may have no way to verify that the money order was received or to obtain a refund if it is lost.

By Dean (Guest Post)08/20/2006

Why not ask the people you buy the money order from.I am sure they will assist you.

By Lynda (Guest Post)08/19/2006

Depends upon the form of it. Advice: Write the name of the person you are making it out to very small SO THAT you can ALSO write OR " _______" inserting your OWN name beside it, IF YOU HAVE A BANK ACOUNT, because if you EVER make a mistake or need to NOT use the money order as you first intended, you can simply endorse the back with your own name and deposit it into your bank account without problems. The secret is in using "or" and your own name at the same time and in the same ink when you FIRST FILL THE MONEY ORDER OUT.

However, if you have NO bank account, get help in filling it out from one who sells them so you will NOT make a mistake and have to wait 30 days or more and pay a few to correct it and to get your money back. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say? Good luck and God bless.

By LEONA LABINE [40]08/19/2006

Its sort of like a cheque, on the top line
by the amount fill in the name of the
person who will be cashing the money order.
At the bottom on the left sign your name and at
the right your address.

By Sharon [4]08/19/2006

It should say
Fill out who it is going to....amount

Your name and address.

Remember to keep your attached receipt

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