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Cleaning Wax from Clothing

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A green candle that is burning.

The dyes and oils from candle wax (or other waxes) can leave stains on your clothing that can be tough to remove. This is a guide about cleaning wax from clothing.


Solutions: Cleaning Wax from Clothing

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Tip: Removing Wax or Crayon from Clothes

Heat an iron. Damp a face cloth. Put the face cloth on the item of clothing with the crayon or wax to be removed. Place the hot iron on the damp face cloth and move around for 30 seconds until wax or crayon is removed.

    By Ziggyziggy [1]

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    Here are questions related to Cleaning Wax from Clothing.

    Question: Wax Off Clothing

    I need to know how to get wax off of my dress. I need it for a wedding. It's just a small little bit of wax. Please help.

    By Emily from Grindrod, BC


    Most Recent Answer

    By Lucy [48]04/08/2010

    Put a piece of brown paper (or a brown envelope) on the wax and iron over the paper - the wax comes away on the paper. It works brilliantly - I've done this many, many times!


    Question: Cleaning Wax Off of Clothing

    I was having my nails done and the lady spilled wax all over my pants and shirt. How can I remove it without ruining my clothes?

    By p


    Most Recent Answer

    By Nancy [6]04/06/2012

    If it's dry-cleanable, that will do the trick.

    Question: Wax on a North Face Jacket

    I splashed hot wax on my North Face fleece. It landed mostly on the nylon part. What do I do?

    Audra from Lake City

    Most Recent Answer

    By pam munro [447]01/12/2009

    You can usually get rid of wax by scraping off as much as you can and then using a press cloth of paper towels and iron the residue with a very low iron. In the end you be left with a grease spot which should respond to spot remover for oily stains.

    Question: Candle Wax Stains on Clothing

    How do you get a candle wax stain out of clothing?

    By Rob F. from Brookfield, WI

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sara11/18/2010

    I used the blow dryer, and it burnt my skirt. The wax is still there, and, Now I have a huge hole in my gorgeous skirt. :/

    Question: Removing Candle Wax from Clothing

    How do you remove candle wax from a sweatshirt?

    By Debbie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Irene Saltsgaver05/07/2013

    To remove candle wax from carpet, use a paper towel over the wax and a warm iron to melt the wax up into the paper towel. Use a fresh paper towel until the wax is gone. You might try this

    Question: Turtle Wax Stains on Clothing

    How do you remove turtle wax stains from clothing?

    Daphne from Toronto, ON

    Most Recent Answer

    By Henri (Guest Post)07/16/2008

    Here at the Turtle Wax help line, we recommend washing the clothes a few times (3 is a good number) to remove as much turtle wax as possible. Then, place rubbing alcohol on the remaining turtle wax and wash the garment again.

    Question: Removing Red Wax from Clothing

    How do you get red wax out of a cotton blouse?

    By Carol A from Cleveland, MS

    Question: Removing Wax from Clothing

    I got wax on a pair of pants and it dried before I found it. I put stain removal product on it and washed in cold water. After washing it is still there. What do I do? How do I get this out?

    By Cindy

    Question: Removing Candle Wax from Clothing

    Soy candle wax got on my cotton t-shirt, how do I get it out?

    By Cassie

    Question: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    Hot wax spilled on my favorite black shirt. How do I get it out?

    By Jacqui from NJ


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Removing Dried Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    How do I get dried, dripped candle wax off my cotton chenille shirt?


    RE: Removing Dired Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    Put plenty of tissue paper or similar on your ironing board, then place the shirt wax side down on it. With the tip of your iron, you should be able to melt the wax from the shirt onto the paper. (11/19/2004)

    By cheeseeatingsurrendermonkey

    RE: Removing Dried Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    Try using a hair dryer on high heat. First, make sure you put a white rag/towel or wad of paper towels under the wax area. Then as it melts it will soak it up. BLOT- do not rub the stain and continue to do so until all the melted wax is gone. If it leaves a greasy stain, apply corn starch and let it sit a while to soak it up. You may have to do this more than once. Then, Apply Zout/ Shout or some other stain remover and wash. Do not dry in the dryer until you are sure the stain is out! Heat sets stains and you will never get it out! If it is a REAL favorite shirt, just take it to the cleaners and don't do anything your self! (11/20/2004)

    By Caima

    RE: Removing Dried Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    Try boiling water and then a little soap. It works fine for linen. (01/02/2005)

    By Terry

    RE: Removing Dried Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    To remove candle wax, get the shirt damp and rub the spot. That should get it off. DO NOT DRY THE SHIRT. (01/20/2006)

    By Donna D.

    RE: Removing Dried Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    Place a clean towel or piece of paper towel on the wax and iron over it with the iron on a low setting. Or you could use a hairdryer to heat the wax and transfer it to the towel. The Spray and Wash shouldn't matter. Then wash .. If there is still color left over after you wash it (check before it goes in the dryer) use a bit of Dawn dish soap or try the Spray and Wash. (02/26/2006)

    By Madelynnsmama

    RE: Removing Dried Candle Wax From Cotton Shirt

    OH!! Thanks to al of u who have removed wax. I liked Terry's idea the best, with the bioling water. I have a nice tablecloth, and my grandaughter (4) thought there was just too much wax in the holder. (10/15/2006)

    By Laurie

    Archive: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    How do you get candle wax off of a shirt?

    Terre from Culpeper, VA

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    It's been a long time, but I think you just lay some newspaper or butcher paper down on the ironing board and lay your waxy shirt on top of that. As you iron the shirt, the heat from the iron melts the wax into the newspaper. Ta da! However, there's probably still a stain of some sort which a regular household stain remover will probably take off.

    Good luck! (07/04/2007)

    By Tia

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    My mom would always take an Iron to it with a brown paper bag (or wax paper both will absorb the wax.) Place over and under garment were the wax is on Med heat until it is all absorbed onto the paper. (07/04/2007)

    By Kenocasino

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    I've used this process several times. Put the garment in the freezer until the wax is frozen. Remove from freezer and flake off as much as possible with a table knife or other flat bladed item. Then flush that area with boiling water or as hot of water as the garment can withstand. I'd then use the iron for any remaining residue. Hope this works for you. (07/05/2007)

    By lazy95326

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    That's what I was going to suggest as well.

    Here's another suggestion from a household hint website.

    Set your iron on the "warm" setting or the lowest setting. Let the iron get warm. Take a couple of sheets of paper towel and put them on the ironing board. Take the fabric with the wax stain, and place the stain over the paper towels. Place additional paper towels over the stain. Then press the iron on the spot. Do not move the iron back and forth, but just set it down, leave it for a moment, and lift it up. Check the paper towels to see if any wax has been absorbed. If some of the wax has been asborbed, move the paper towels to a clean spot and do the same thing again until the wax is removed. You are going to melt the wax and transfer it onto the paper towels. Be careful not to "iron the wax on the paper towels" back onto the fabric, if you have to repeat the wax transfer treatment. (07/05/2007)

    By Carole OR

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    You could also pop it in the freezer and then peel off as much wax as you can before ironing. Especially if it is colored wax you want to get as much out as possible before you heat it with an iron. (07/06/2007)

    By Sheraone

    Archive: Candle Wax Stains on Clothing

    I knocked over a red candle (a whole lot of wax!) on my white Hollister shirt (100% cotton) can any1 help save my shirt!

    Tyler from Kentucky

    RE: Candle Wax Stains on Clothing

    I used to work detailing cars and used a liquid degreaser to totally remove melted crayons from light colored upholstery. Try Penzoil degreaser from any Walmart or auto supply place. Put some in a spray bottle and spray on the cloth rub it in and keep rubbing it with a clean rag. Keep turning the rag so you are blotting what the liquid is dissolving. Wax is grease and this dissolves grease. hope this helps, nancy (01/23/2007)

    By nancy

    RE: Candle Wax Stains on Clothing

    The best idea is the wax paper with the iron. I have done it that way with no problems. If it is a lot of wax you might have to change the wax paper and repeat the steps, but this really works. (01/24/2007)

    By Joyce

    RE: Candle Wax Stains on Clothing

    If the stain is wet, get the wax wet and rub it with the tip of your finger nail. At least it worked for me (08/19/2007)

    By miss america

    RE: Candle Wax Stains on Clothing

    I tried the tip with the hair dryer. The results are phenomenal! The candle wax stain came of in no time! (10/10/2007)

    By Genesis

    Archive: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    Candle wax dripped onto my new jeans. How do I remove it?

    Michelle from Fergus, ON

    RE: Removing Candle Wax From Clothing

    I do a bit of all of the above, and then a bit more for really stubborn wax or oil stains. First, I freeze it and pick off as much as I can (this bit is only for wax and chewing gum). Second, I place brown paper on either side of the stain and iron one temperature higher than the garment can take, through the paper of course, until the stain is either gone, or as gone as it is going to get with that method. Third, I squirt a small amount of dish washing liquid on the stain and rub it in, then pop the garment in the washing machine for a normal wash. I have never had to throw a garment away because of wax, oil, or chewing gum stains using these methods. (07/16/2007)

    By dragonsue