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Where Can I Find Borax in the UK?

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I've often seen Borax mentioned in postings. I'm in the UK and no one I ask has heard of it - does anyone know if it can be found under a different name?

Heather from UK


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By Jennifer [29]01/15/2012

You can contact a ceramic supply business. Potters use borax to make some of the glazes .

By carly hamilton09/17/2009

In your local market, check in the laundry isle. It is an additive to use with your laundry detergent. The real name is 20 Mule Team Borax. Hope this helps.

By AJuff (Guest Post)01/05/2008

Tesco Naturally range sells it in their laundry area as a stain remover. 400g for 99p.

By John (Guest Post)06/24/2006

I Get it from Boots @£2 19 today June 2006!!

By jayne (Guest Post)05/08/2006

Boots sells Borax in the Homecare section

By caroline (Guest Post)04/27/2006

i could have sworn i bought it at boot's six years ago!

By melinda04/27/2006

Check out this site:
click on borax vistors center, and then on worldwide locations----or you can just contact them----maybe they use a different name in the UK.
Good luck!!!


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Question: Buying Borax in the UK

Where do I buy this, at the hardware shop or supermarket?

By Sally

Most Recent Answer

By Alicia [6]01/15/2012

I'm sure there are chemical supply companies and pool chemical companies in the UK. Look by the chemical name which if I remember correctly is sodium borate. Many chemicals can be purchased in bulk. It should be as easy as doing a google search or making a few phone calls to find somewhere that has it.

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