Cheap and Effective Homemade Bug Catchers


They are free if you make them yourself. Here's how:

Cut the top of a plastic soda bottle off, right where the bottle starts to curve and get smaller. Take the top and stick it into the remaining bottle, so it is facing down. It should fit great if you cut it at the right spot. Now hot glue it into place. Don't forget to leave the cap off. You now have the perfect bug, spider, earwig and bee catcher. I put sugar water in mine, but for some bugs you can use a piece of meat, worms or anything else you can think of to entice critters. It works great.

By Ardis B.


By gator 1 47 05/27/2006

For the small fruit flies that emerge after your apples/bananas, etc. have stayed on the counter a couple days... fill a small cup with apple cider vinegar and a little dish soap/detergent. The bugs will be attracted by the smell; the soap breaks the 'surface tension' of the liquid, on which they can land, then sink to the bottom.

I'm going to use your great ideas! Thanks for posting them :o)

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By ryan (Guest Post) 08/11/2007

are you supposed to hang it vertically or horizontally

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By Lisa Robinson (Guest Post) 06/25/2008

Just built one out of a 500 ml water bottle am curious to see if it will work. I do not keep pop at our home so wrong bottle but might work just as well. I poked a bit of canned dog food in. I am trying to catch horse fly's they love the shade of my covered porch unfortunately so do we and I am tired of sharing the space with those biting pests. Hope it works.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 08/07/2008

I put a little sweet soda, such as Root Beer, in mine and punch 4 holes, one on each side, about an inch from the top, and thread strong twine or fishing line through the holes. Tie the 4 strings at the top, so it looks like a plant hanger, leaving about a foot of string at the top so you can tie this to a tree branch. Works great for catching wasps and yellow jackets.

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