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Removing Musty Smells From Leather

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old leather bag

Mold and mildew can create strong odors when given a chance to grow. This guide is about removing musty smells from leather.



Here are questions related to Removing Musty Smells From Leather.

Question: Suede Boots Smell Like Mildew

I have a pair of suede boots that smell like mildew. Does anyone know a way to get rid of this smell. Thank you for your help.

Lisa from TN


Most Recent Answer

By teatimelady (Guest Post)11/07/2005

Try stuffing your boots with wadded up newspapers...should work in 2-3 days time.

Question: Getting Musty Smell Out of Leather

I have a vintage leather jacket that has a musty smell on it. What can I do to remove the aroma?

By Christopher from Stuart, FL


Most Recent Answer

By Marie [1]12/27/2010

Whatever it is with a musty smell put it in a garbage bag with lots of crumpled newspaper. Leave it in the bag for a few days. If the smell is still there when you open the bag leave it there for another couple of days, replacing the newspaper.Use a twist tie on the bag to be certain it is securely closed.

Question: Mildew Smell on Leather

I was sent a package and everything in it smells of mildew. Some things cannot be washed. How do I get rid of the mildew smell? The items that need treatment include a leather pocketbook and three small blankets.

Thank you.

Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]09/08/2009

The blankets: wash repeatedly in hot water with detergent, borax or baking soda, dry in air outside where wind can blow them a little. May take 3-4 times.

You have two problems: odor, and mildew, which is causing the odor. Mildew likes dampness, so dry the items if they are damp to stop the process. Prop open with crumpled newspaper (wallet).

Other things like wallet, put in a non staining container which has plain charcoal lumps, wrapped in lots of crumpled newspaper so the charcoal won't touch the item. Put in box and close it for a month, in the garage. See how bad it is after that. If the leather is wipeable before you put them away, wipe with a paper towel or cotton ball you've wet with alcohol. You could also put baking soda in bottom of box. Perhaps lightly wrap items in newspaper sheets. I've read that newspaper itself deodorizes. White vinegar also deodorizes. Anything that can be wiped could be wiped with that, if it's not acid sensitive.

Question: Removing Fishy Smell from Leather Pants

I got a pair of leather pants on Amazon. Then when I opened it, they smell like fish. What do I do to take of the smell?

    By Harperdesanta1834 [1]

    Question: Removing Musty Smell from Leather Gloves

    I want to keep my musty, mildewing smelly leather gloves and jacket. How I do I get the smell out of them?

    By patsymargaret from Sydney, Nova Scotia

    Question: Removing Mildew Smell in Leather Purse

    How can I get the mildew smell out of a leather purse?

    By jesscuz

    Solutions: Removing Musty Smells From Leather

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