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Creative Ways to Give a Child a Trip for Christmas


I need everyone to think deep into your imaginations. I have a trip planned for the end of January to bring our daughter to Great Wolf Lodge. This is a Christmas present for her.

We went 3 years ago and she asks all the time when we are going back. So, this is a big surprise. She's 12. The trip is not cheap, so she won't be opening much on Christmas morning.

I know it's not about the presents but, she has to have more than 2 to open, and I can't be spending money on "filler" junk gifts just for something to open. I'm trying to think of a unique way to give her this vacation Christmas morning.

We only live about 3 hours from the Great Wolf Lodge, so we will be driving. I was thinking of making up a fake train ticket and wrapping that up. I also thought about getting her a new bathing suit and towel, but she has enough suits and I have a closet full of towels. I'm usually really creative, but I'm stumped on this one. Please help.

By Marie from Ontario, Canada


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 12/21/2009

The fake ticket is a good idea but I tried to locate them & found where people got in trouble for it,so be careful,maybe a gift card will be o k, good luck.

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By Beth 1 12/21/2009

Is there time to order a great wolf lodge tshirt or hoody wrap it up and give it to her?

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By vanessa 1 12/25/2009

Make a few different gifts that are clues to the surprise. Perhaps a book that she can read on her trek.. maybe one with a wolf in it.
Or a puzzle with a wolf that you can work on as a family.
Or how about a framed picture of a photo from last trip you took there.
Or how about a calendar to help her count down the days until you go. Sorry just got this today. Hope this helps. I know I feel the want and need to get creative with gifts to my loved ones. Merry Christmas and Enjoy the new year.

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By Jill 2 52 12/25/2009

Print the picture of The Great Wolf Lodge from their online site and make it into the front of a greeting card. Then write the invitation inside and dates for her to look forward to. Include things in the area you plan to do as well as the Great Wolf attractions. Include googles and a nose clip.I take my grandkids to the beach every year, make up a wonderful invitation with some beach picture on the front,. Inside I include the dates, pictures of the rental house and a note saying each of them can bring one friend. They love their hand made invitations. Jill :>)

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