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Drying Red Cayenne Pepper


Hi, I would love to know how to dry red cayenne pepper! I had one left over from my garden, it is so pretty and red, such a shame not to be able to preserve it for arrangements and such.


TMelton, from GA



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By karen (Guest Post) 09/25/2004 Flag

Cayenne's are beautiful when dried! I take fishing line( clean of course) and string them through the stems and then just hang a decorations or hot glue them onto a grapevine wreath to make a nice decoration for your kitchen or if you ahve a dehydrator you can use it and then grind them for hot pepper flakes to be used on chili, pizza, etc. You can also dry them in your oven on the lowest temoerature setting til they are dry. Good luck and enjoy!

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By K (Guest Post) 08/01/2005 Flag

I put in two Cayenne Pepper plants this summer and have harvested some beautiful peppers. My goal was to make fresh cayenne pepper, but i cannot seem to find any "how-to" instructions to do this.
Can I just strip the pepper (after it's dried a bit) and put the skin and the seeds in a pepper grinder? Could it be as simple as that?

If not, if I chop it all up just to sprinkle the pieces on pizza, chili, etc., what is the best way to preserve it?
Thanks for the help. -

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