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Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket

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Years ago I made Easter baskets using crochet thread and sugar water. I have read the 'instructions' found on ThriftyFun, but cannot find the type/size of crochet thread to use. I have not been successful with a size 10 thread, but it is very tight. It will get stiff, but will not stick to the other threads, therefore you end up with a pile of stiff thread on the table when you pop the balloon. Help!

By Joyce from Oroville, CA


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By cuppink02/15/2012
Cut and paste this address to your browser. This video on youtube should help you create beautiful crochet easter egg baskets. It is step by step.

By Sandy [5]02/10/2011

I used embroidery floss to make mine. Cotton twine also works. I believe I used watered down Elmer's glue instead of sugar water or starch. Mine were about the same size that you would fill a water balloon.

By Judie02/09/2011

I made these years ago also & just searched for the directions but apparently don't have them any longer. Sorry! Don't remember the size thread I used but I never used the sugar & water but used liquid starch & it worked well. I didn't dilute it. Maybe you could give that a try. They are so cute & everyone loved them. Good luck!

By Myra [1]02/09/2011

You wrap it around Balloon Then cover several times in Sugar water. Or put it in a big bucket and soak it in Sugar water. Let Harden for several days until dry.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket

A fun Easter "egg basket" is made by winding crochet thread around a balloon that is not completely blown up (a balloon is in a "egg" shape when not completely blown up). Wrap the thread around the balloon heavy in what you perceive as the back and not as heavy in what will eventually be your front. Wrap the end of the balloon with string. Take white glue or a very heavy starch and put this all over the "egg basket". I used to hang my "egg baskets" from the shower rod in the bathroom to dry.

When the glue is completely dry, cut an oval opening in the front with your scissors. You pop the balloon and remove it before you try to fill your "egg basket". You can glue lace or whatever you want around the outside of the oval. Fill the "egg basket" with plastic grass. Then put in candy and anything else you'd like to have in the egg.

I did these "egg baskets" when my kids were small (my oldest is now 43) and my children loved them. If you make a big "egg basket", you can even put a stuffed toy inside with the candy. I'm sorry, but I don't have any pictures of these "egg baskets".

By Bobbie from Mesa, AZ

RE: Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket

I have a lot of these I also did when my kids were small. They had to be stored carefully due to humidity destroying the structure. Our recipe was sugar to glue it, not starch or glue. And the more layers you dipped, the prettier the sugar pattern got. Then when dry and after carefully cut the opening, I used clear acrylic spray paint. Maybe a half can per large (gal size) egg. I did lots of small ones too, used ribbons, buttons, laces. I did Easter scenes inside them, you can turn them any way you want. To back it up a bit, before spray painting for extra stiffness, grab the egg, look at it (cut already in) and press down to make it stand on it own. It makes a dent in the bottom.

The sugar syrup was 2 cups sugar to 1 cup warm water, dissolved. Pour over when slightly warm so balloon does not expand to the heated mixture. They are beautiful. Mine must be 25 years old. I sold lots of these. (04/13/2009)

By T and T Grandma

Archive: Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket

Does anyone know who sells the Easter baskets that are made with balloons, different color yarn, and sugar water? I would order some if not too much. Please let me know. Thanks.

By Donita

RE: Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket

You can make them yourself for a lot less money than buying one if you could even find any (I couldn't find a single one doing a Google search). There's info about making them in the ThriftyFun archives below and here are some more links: (03/21/2010)

By Deeli

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