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How Do I Keep Litter From Sticking to Sides of Cat Box?

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Is there a way to keep the litter from sticking to the sides of a cat box when you scoop it out? Can you spray something in the box? And what can you use that is safe for the cat?

By Linda from Brighton, MI


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By Silli Ole Me =0) [6]04/16/2011

I would not suggest applying any type of chemical to a cats liter box especially if it is the dome type. It can create an invisible vapor that can be quite toxic to your pet. What my suggestion is because it has been so helpful with my cat box issues is using paper bags from your supermarket or any type of kraft paper to line your box. Unlike plastic & news paper which just shreds from their claws, kraft paper does not shred. When it comes time to all comes off in one swoop.


All you need to do is scrape the side of the box with the scooper when something sticks and it's not a good idea to put anything other than baking soda or litter powder in the box along with the litter. (unless of course you're going to use a cat pan liner or trash bag but I gave up on those years ago because of the expense and holes can get in them and end up with a litter trail when removing to the trash can. LOL! I find it easier to just use scoop-able litter and scoop each day in to a used produce bag.)

By metroplex [81]08/01/2010

I had a cat before they made cat box liners and I used to use plastic garbage bags to line the box.
I would not use spray oil or anything like any kind of spray. i think it would attract all types of bugs, vermin, plus your cat might lick it and be licking it's own urine.
I'd use cat box liners now if I had a cat and be done with it!
Good luck!

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