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Cheap Project Ideas

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I live in a small town and there is nothing to do. I have plenty of hobbies but scrapbooking and other craft kits are expensive. What are some cheap projects that I can do?

By Mary


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By Sandy Gerber [22]12/30/2009

How about reading? Starting a reading club? Find some people to play games/cards with. Start your own recipe book.
Crocheting. Make different body and bath salts/scrubs (several recipes on the internet).

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By Miriam01/06/2010

You can still do your scrapbooking hobby. Just do it cheaper. You can get background paper for free by going to a store that sells wallpaper and asking for old sample books. You can make your own stamps with yarn scraps and wood blocks. Also, you don't need to buy stamp pads, just use washable markers (then you can use more than one color too)! Go to your local recycling center swap shop and see what they have there. I always find great stuff. I take apart sweater and scarves and use the yarn. I cut up leather jackets and use the leather for the bottom of slippers. There are so many free and cheap things out there. No need to feel you have to use the prepackaged items for crafting.

By Bella Swan [28]12/29/2009

Get some books from the library that will give instructions and guidance on anything from: feng shui for your home, flower arranging (focus on the ones that use existing plants in your yard)

Volunteer - if you can work with an elementary class by selecting projects and stuff; it's really fun and the teachers really can use the help

Make a "new recipe of the day"; use stuff you already have on hand, or things that are inexpensive at the store and try a brand new recipe, baking from scratch is actually pretty easy and very inexpensive.

By kathleen williams [23]12/29/2009

Can you sew, knit, garden, paint, take pictures (hang them in an art gallery)? You can also visit the sick in hospitals & nursing homes, ask at the front desk who needs visitors? They might also need your help. I like to garden. I grow most of our veggies & freeze what we don't use also share with neighbors. We planted all kind of fruit trees & grape vine & freeze & share them. I use to sew a lot for friends & etc, made good money doing it. Let me know what you want to do, ok? Good luck.

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