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Locating Free Tires


Where would be the best place for me to find old used tractor or truck tires free? I am not sure if this should go under crafts or gardening or other as I am using them for a few things.

Peggy from Endicott, NY



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By Tracy (Guest Post) 07/23/2007

Try posting a WANTED to your local Freecycle group.

Also you could try calling up your local Tractor Supply or Farm Equipment Implement and ask for their advice. Just as farmers will eventually need new tires for their tractors, they usually do not keep the ones they no longer want, and the old ones end up unused at the place where the replacements were purchased.

Good luck!

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By Julia (Guest Post) 07/26/2007

Check and see if your area has "freecycle" and if so join and post a "want". Of course with ours in Richmond we have to post "offers" first and then once we've given things then we can ask for things.

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By badwater 263 654 07/28/2007

Check with someone with a farm. They might could supply you with more than you know what to do with! Good Luck!

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By Peggy Eckers 1 3 07/30/2007

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great ideas. I will be trying them all. I have gone around the area and have been looking for a few Tractor Supplys and also a few places where we saw old tractor tires but it was the weekend and all was closed. This is a new week and yes i will be posting on FreeCycle too. Everyone cross your fingers for me.......and thanks loads. God Bless.....Peggs

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By Tawn 1 05/07/2010

Try Craigslist!

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