Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy


I have had a five week old Poodle puppy put into my house. I am at a total loss as to how to deal with this. I have never had one that young. Help.

By Joy


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By Jay 1 1 03/06/2011

I have a poodle mix that is turning 4yrs old and I've had him since he was five weeks old as well. What I did since he was so young I made sure to still feed him milk. I found in the pet area at Walmart the little milk carton looks like a little juice box very small. I also bought puppy food and made sure to grind it. The first week I gave him more milk and then slowly and the ground food to the milk. He was so small that I had to put my finger sometimes in his little bowl and then touch his mouth with so he would get the idea. Also, I went to the vet and payed for a puppy packaged that included all his shots (cheaper as a package). The milk was like $3.50 per carton so I made sure not to be wasteful. I stayed there and fed him to make sure he was eating. Seriously, I think this doggy of mine thinks I'm his mother lol. Good luck. :)

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Question: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

Min Chi puppy sleeping.I was given a Min Chi pin a few days ago. He is 5 weeks old, and I didn't know he was suppose to be with his mom until 8 weeks. Can someone give me advice on the best way to care and train my dog?

By AnDria R

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,215 11/14/2011

Be sure and see your Vet soon to see what puppy shots are needed. You need to be on schedule to avoid Parvo and distemper.

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Archive: Caring for a 3 Week Old Puppy

I adopted a 3 week old pitbull pup. Her mom was killing the puppies and she is the only one to survive. I have been bottle feeding her and she shows no signs of aggression. Now I want to make sure I raise her right. She is my baby and I love her with all my heart. Any advise will be appreciated.

Sheila from Bridgeton, NJ

RE: Caring for a 3 Week Old Puppy

You can never tell if a puppy will be aggressive or not. I have a 2 1/2 year old red-nosed pitbull that we got when she was 4 weeks old and we have never hit her...she has gotten very aggressive towards certain people...when me and my husband split up, he left the dog with me and when he comes over to see her, she is all excited to see him but if he gets to close to me she will attack him and I have to tell her that daddy isn't going to hurt mama..(he has never hit me)..then she gets all excited again...she is a very protective dog...she loves her 4 cats...good luck! (08/30/2006)

By Jannie

RE: Caring for a 3 Week Old Puppy

Sheila, Congratulations on your new family member! I use to work at a shelter and have met some very sweet pitbulls. Here's a few tips: The first few months of a dog's life (I believe 6 months) are critical for socialization. So, I suggest taking obedience training classes once your puppy is old enough. Also, pitbulls can be somewhat dominant dogs and your puppy will need to know that you're in charge. The classes can help with this. (08/30/2006)

By Michelle

RE: Caring for a 3 Week Old Puppy

what about the vet?? have they given you any advices. (08/31/2006)

By sandy63

RE: Caring for a 3 Week Old Puppy

my dd has a now 3 yr old white male pit that she hand raised from 2.5 weeks of age. he was also the sole surviver of the litter of 7. he was raised with an older, smaller female who was dominant. he is now with 2 chiwahwah(sp) and he has never been aggresive towards people or animals, including my 8 yo male boxer. just my 2cents. (08/31/2006)

By cleo235

Archive: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

I have two English bulldog puppies that are 5 weeks old. The mother has nothing to do with them. I have been bottle feeding since they were 1 week old. How often and how much should I feed them and when can they eat regular puppy food.

Josie from El Paso, TX

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RE: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

At five weeks they could/should be eating dry puppy food. Mine started on their own at 3 1/2 weeks (08/02/2007)

By Glenda

RE: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

If you can't find a source of fresh goat milk (ask at the feedstore or go to the American Dairy Goat Association online to find a goat person near you) then there is canned or powdered goat milk in the stores. Feed very tiny amounts and then feed water between times, at first. Never dilute milk with water as is commonly recommended. It is very important for the milk to react with stomach acids and form a solid in the stomach in order to be digested right and not cause diarrhea. With water dilution it won't set right. Your vet will have a very expensive formula to use if you are completely desperate. (08/02/2007)

By kimhis

RE: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

You can start teaching the puppies to eat dog food at 2 weeks of age. I would put a little bit of the can dog food (this is mushy and easier for them to eat) on my finger and put into the puppy's mouth. I would do this twice a day for about a week to a week and a half as it takes about this long for them to learn to eat. At about the age of 2 weeks the mother does not constantly feed the puppies. By the time the pup is 4 weeks old, I would be using dry dog food with water on it so it is easier for the puppy to eat the dog food. You must remember the mother usually starts to wean her puppies about 6-7 weeks old. By the time she weans the puppy it can eat dry dog food with no water on it. I do not know how often to feed milk to the puppy. I have not had to do that in a very long time. (08/03/2007)

RE: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

You must ask the vet. He will tell you exactly how often and what to feed. He might even have a formula for them or he will tell you what to feed them. If you can't afford a vet, an English Bulldog rescue will probably take them off your hands and give them good care until they can find them a loving home. If you need to find a rescue, you're local animal shelter or SPCA can help. (08/11/2007)

By Stngray

RE: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

I have a five and half week old pit bull who wouldn't eat. I tried baby food and wet Eukanuba mixed together (it's very messy but he ate it). I wanted him to eat something more so I bought baby dog Royal Canine which he likes (but doesn't eat on a regular basis). What I found most helpful and what he guzzles down is newborn puppy milk that you can buy from PetCo (it's on the same aisle as the vitamins). Good luck! (03/22/2008)

new puppy

I am about to be given a 3 1/2 wk old puppy half Wiener dog, half mix of who knows what. I know it is probably too early to take the puppy away from her mother, but the family is just getting rid of all the puppies. Will someone please give me some suggestions on what to do to take care of such a young puppy? ex: food? environment? (b)Editor's Note:(/b) Way too early to take a puppy away from it's mother. 6 weeks is a minimum and 8 weeks is much better. Your pup will have a much better start if you can convince the owners to keep the pups longer.


By Nickie

Archive: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

I have a pit bull/mastiff puppy that is about 5 weeks old. I just want to know what I should do with her to help her grow healthy. She cries most of the day, even when she's eating and drinking. I really need some advice on this.


Archive: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

How do you care for a very small 5 week old puppy?


Archive: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

I have a 5 week old puppy. He keeps throwing up after sucking milk. They are Chinese Crested Puffs. What should I feed them beside goats milk and pablum?

By Robbie from Winnipeg, Canada

RE: Caring for a 5 Week Old Puppy

Please get that puppy to the vet. You may have more than feeding issues going on there, and a pup that young can dehydrate from vomiting very quickly. At any age, dehydration can mean the systems of the body can shut down; it's even more potentially lethal in very young puppies. (08/06/2010)

By PupperMom

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