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Use Salt and Dawn to Kill Fleas


To kill fleas in your home, put down lots of salt in your carpet. Wait 24 hours and vacuum. If you do this every other day, your home will be free of fleas. You have to keep up this or they will come back. Plus I bathe my dog and cats with dish detergent like Dawn once a week or so. It kills fleas on contact. Its cheaper than those expensive dog shampoos.

By boomboomkitty from Lynchburg, OH



By (Guest Post) 09/09/2008 Flag

WOW. I never heard of this

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By Pamela in jax fl (Guest Post) 09/28/2008 Flag

Yes, I tried this. It rusted my vacuum cleaner. Not a good idea.

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By Learned a Lesson the Hard Way (Guest Post) 10/14/2008 Flag

Salt is not a good idea on carpets. My 3 kittens have raw (and obviously irritated) paw pads on their little feet because the salt dried their paws out and they are irritated and they keep licking them and they seem to be tender and kind of puffy. Please reconsider using salt. If you do, vacuum it up immediately. Don't leave it overnight as suggested. Please learn from my mistake and spare your kitties the trouble. Thank you :)

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By Becky in Saginaw, Mi (Guest Post) 11/09/2008 Flag

I use Suave shampoo. It kills the fleas on contact. I wash both my dog and cat with it. Although I don't think it kills the eggs and larvae.

I don't like the chemical remedies as, in my opinion, they don't work! And you can only use them once a month. My Husband was putting some on my dog and a flea ran right through it and kept on going just like the Energizer Bunny!

Try washing your animal, your bedding, the animals bedding, and vacuuming all carpets and furniture. Good Luck and Good Hunting

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By xintexas 28 395 07/12/2012 Flag

It would be easier on your pets and the carpet if you protect the pets with some form of Frontline or Pet Armor. Eventually the fleas in the carpet die because the pets are protected and they have no meal tickets anymore. What you are doing is just going around in circles from carpet to animals and vice versa. You will never get rid of fleas that way cause no matter how much you bath them they still will pick up fleas from the carpet. You will never get them all from the carpet either. Start by applying protection to the pets, they will be happier, and half your problem will be solved. Then kill the fleas that are left in the carpet.

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By Cathy Linard Foster M. 1 09/05/2013 Flag

We have used dawn dish soap on our animals for years, and we have used salt around our base boards and in our carpet for several years now. It has never rusted my vac and it has never irritated any of the animals. It seems to work really well. We don't always vac up after 24 hours, longer its on there, the better it seems to do at keeping them gone. We do treat the yard with the granules you buy at either walmart or DG, and then you wet.. we do that twice a year. If you don't take care of the yard, you will just keep getting them back. Salt would probably work for your yard if you don't want grass :P

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