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Spray Bottle For Ironing

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My iron always gets clogged from the hard water we have and the steam gives up way before the iron does. I was ironing (a rare event now that I use wrinkle spray) and using my spray water bottle and realizing that it's as good or better than steam. I have an old sprayer connected to a large old plastic bottle on an ironing board I found on the street! (which is better than the newer one I had.) And if you carefully align the flat surfaces of what you are ironing, you will only have to touch up the rear side. That's thrifty fun living!

By Pamphyila from Los Angeles



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By James S. Bow [1]06/09/2007

If you use bottled distilled water you will not have that problem.

By susan [8]06/06/2007

If you use distilled water in your steam iron from day one, you won't have any problems with it getting clogged.

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