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Tiny Holes In Clothing


I didn't know where to post this, but have read many comments about the tiny holes in the front of thin tee shirts, mostly by the bottom of the shirt. None of my kids' or hubby's clothes are affected. I have a walk in closet and it has only happened since we moved here in 2003.

I never saw these holes in my former house. So how could it be the jean button or seat belt of my car, if it never happened until we moved into this house?

By Ltb3105 from Bedford, TX


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By kmcghghy59 1 04/01/2015

Actually what is happening is that the material that they are making the clothes from now days is thinner than it used to be. This is starting to be very irritating now that 2 of my favorite shirts from Express has developed holes and my boyfriends Express Underwear. I have sewed up a few things but I'm very unhappy with this quality of cotton. It's one thing to have cute little light shirts but entirely unacceptable when you pay 50.00 for a shirt and it starts falling apart! That is what is happening. That's why all your experiments have the same outcome. Not because it's your belly button, jean button or seat belt. This is why it doesn't happen as often to your husband or son's clothes. They do not wear the thinner clothing. And just as an added note. I ALWAYS wash my clothes after wearing them, I never hang them back up. I wash them and usually because the clothes that are affected are thinner shirts, I never dry them, because I don't want wrinkles and it's less wear and tear on the material.

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By Leigh 5 31 03/27/2011

It's interesting reading all the comments in the posts regarding this. I just love the "Joe" line of clothing at Superstore but I have noticed small random holes in the t-shirts when they are still fairly new. None of my other clothes so I think the brand is pretty "fragile" (is that a politically correct term for it?) I do find the T's in the clearance shelf for under $5 so I guess you get what you pay for.

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By Jess 127 749 03/28/2011

I like to buy thin cute t-shirts and I also find that I develop small holes toward the bottom front of the shirts. Lucky brand is the worst. The material is just a lot thinner than the old fashioned Hanes shirts that we used to get. I don't think it is your house, but just a decrease in the fabric quality since 2003.

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By applesauce 8 55 03/28/2011

If you happen to wash a "bra" with t-shirts, the "hooks" will certainly damage the shirts, just a thought.

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By Lilac 20 1,332 03/28/2011

Check the edge of your counter top where you stand at the sink. If is rough that may be the reason for the holes.

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By Lorraine 20 96 03/28/2011

I've read that it's caused by poor quality fibers. Where they join together when being weaver.

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By Hannah 8 03/28/2011

I had this happen once before and it was due to bleach in the laundry. Once I stopped using detergent with bleach the tiny holes stopped appearing. Hannah -- Dallas TX

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By Katherine 1 03/28/2011

I have at least 5 shirts with these tiny holes at the front. I was perplexed but after hearing it could be from my granite I put one on backwards and went about my day of baking in the kitchen and lo and behold. Holes! Yes, the granite is the culprit. Guess I will get some use out of my pretty aprons now!

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By Teresa Tart 1 345 03/29/2011

We women do so much that there is no telling what causes it. I mean think of all the things you do during your regular day. From washing clothes to cleaning bathrooms, floors. cooking and much more. I would say to just wear an apron. We are hard working women and the holes in our clothes show it! LOL

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By T.J. 1 04/02/2011

By any chance do oyu have a frontloader wash machine??? Everyone I talk to who has one gets these little holes in the bottom of their shirts. the manufactures deny it saying we are washing wrong! Whatever!! I never had this when I had my old regular washer and dryer. Im going back to the cheeper model. Save me money on clothes!Forget energy! TJ

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By Compltlyme 5 12 04/04/2011

I too have the same problem. I found that since I moved into this house there are tiny holes in my thin t-shirts. So I pay careful attention and found I am getting them at my kitchen sink. Due to the height of this counter. It meets the button on my jeans and lo and behold, holes in my shirt. I have a tile counter with a rough feeling grout. That is what is doing mine.

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By Tina 1 04/16/2011

I have noticed this problem in my clothes for about 4 years now. I have come to the conclusion it is my jean buttons. I have been wearing Levis, below the waist jeans for about the same amount of time. I have changed cars, houses, washing machines, etc. over the years. The only thing to remain the same is the type of Jeans I buy. Although, I find this style of jeans very comfortable to wear, the down side is that the lower waist tends to put the metal button at my "widest" part and an area I tend to lean on, like counters and where the pressure of a seat belt goes. I have dozens of shirts of various quality and thickness that have these holes. Just recently, I wore a brand new, high quality T-shirt and after one day, there are holes, all in the same area. I think the only solution is to buy jeans without metal buttons or remove the metal buttons from my jeans and replace with plastic buttons or start tucking in all my shirts.

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By Alison Epstein 1 04/19/2011

Wow, lots of tiny holes out there. I just started getting tiny holes in my t-shirts after purchasing my Ford Escape last spring. I've ruined 6 favorite t-shirts (it took a while to figure out where I am probably getting them from). There is a tiny button on the seat belt that must have a rough edge I can't feel with my finger. I can't imagine that a washer would put holes always in the same place. Does anyone else with these tiny t-shirt holes have a Ford Escape? I'm going to try something (like duct tape?) over the little button thingy and see if there is an improvement.

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By TamelaE 2 05/18/2011

I agree it is the jeans,since i started wearing lower rise jeans i have holes in all my shirts. I believe it is the stiff piece of fabric over the button and the button hole. I have sewn it back so it doesn't stick out and poke my shirts, ( helped some) I have also thought about rounding the material so there is no corner on the jeans by the button,or even covering the top edge of the jeans with soft fabric like felt.

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By Monet 1 07/05/2011

Yes! Tiny holes. It is from the seatbelt. Took me a long time to figure it out. I am going to glue a piece of fabric on the button on the seatbelt. If you feel the seatbelt you will see the side that is not up against you is smoother. Lets hope the little button on the belts were put on backwards and not that the seatbelts were put on the wrong side of the car. I ruined many, many T-shirts some I paid $20.00 a piece for that are not thin, heavy well made cotton from the good ole USA. Apparently when you put the belt on you pull it up and over, if your like me when I take it off I just unclip it and let it go. That is when it occurs. I made a point lately to check my shirt before and right after I got out of the car to actually know its the belt. No moths, no washer hope this helps everyone and glad to hear it's not just mine. For a while I was going crazy trying to figure it out.

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By kaysk 1 4 07/13/2011

Last year I brought a new 2010 Silverado pickup truck. I began noticing all my shirts and sweaters over the winter were starting to have fuzzing and piling. The shirts and sweaters are high quality and I'm tired of ruining so many clothes. It took me a while to figure out it was the seat belt. I don't know what to do or how to stop this? Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm sure its the lap part of my seat belt. I had a brand new shirt on and I pulled it out over the seat belt and it was fine. Wore the same shirt again forgot to pull it out and it was ruined. It looks like a line across the bottom with fuzz. Has anyone else had this problem with seat belts? Thanks.

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I have noticed that I get this and I've come to the conclusion that it's my belt buckle on my jeans! Or it could be where the buckle on my jeans has rubbed against the t-shirt while I'm wearing a seat belt.

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By cdespres 1 02/20/2013

I've read most of the answer relating to tiny holes in clothing. I was astonished at some of the answers. I've narrowed down to buttons on pants. Of course now with the style of clothes most tops are worn over our pants. My husband tucks all his shirts, t-shirts etc in his pants and therefore has no tiny holes on his clothes. I usually pay good money for my clothes and have ruined many tops. My only alternative to saving my tops is to wear a camisole under my tops. Works for me. By the way, I wash my husband's clothes in the same front loading machine, he wears a seat belt just like I do and he also works in the kitchen with me.....but does tuck in his shirts.

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By Deborah P. 1 03/07/2013

It's definitely the granite! Every shirt I own has these tiny little holes. I'm the only one in my house this happens to because I'm always at the kitchen sink and the counter lines up with shirt.

I think it's time to get rid of the granite! I heard some pieces of granite have radiation and could cause cancer!

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By treesh99 3 04/05/2013

I have read some of the most ridiculous answers on this thread and elsewhere on the Internet! Micro-organisms?

Really, the washer is not selective about putting holes in one area of your shirts. I even read someone say it's bugs in your drawers.

The answer is quite simple. It is not only granite counter tops, it's ALL counter tops. It's not the counter itself. It is the process of rubbing against the counter when you are wearing a metal button on your pants. It could be any type of counter, including your bathroom counter when you brush your teeth. This would not occur if you happen to be wearing pants without a button (ie yoga pants or leggings, etc.).

The placement of the holes are always in the front, but depending on your height or the height of the counter, they may be a little lower or higher on individual people.

So....either lift up your shirt when you are leaning on the counter, or just don't lean on it while you are at the sinks or cooking. You could try an apron, but that might not stop the shirt from rubbing on the button. You could also just wear a junk shirt when at home.

The placement of your seatbelt in your car could cause the same rubbing if the conditions are right. So put your shirt over your seatbelt if you aren't wearing a jacket.

Pretty simple, it seems.

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By treesh99 3 04/16/2013

Just to add to my answer, my 12 year old had the tiny holes on his shirt yesterday and I asked him if he had worn that shirt when he did the dishes for me one day a few weeks ago...the answer was yes. He never does the dishes and he has no holes on any of his other shirts.

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By Alison B. 1 05/15/2013

So I've been suffering from the wholy shirt syndrome for a few years. After re-doing my kitchen counters and still getting holes I moved on from the counter blaming. I also moved to a new home with new, quartz counters that sure feel smooth. Did some research and came to the conclusion that it was my car seatbelt because I'm the only one in the family who has this problem. So I made a little, fuzzy seat belt cover for my car. Did not solve the problem.
Well...Got a brand new shirt yesterday. High end, thick, cotton tshirt. NO holes when I put it on this morning. Just got home from work and went to take it off and there is one tiny hole. Right below where my belly button is. Same place as always.

So I started to do more research and decided to do a 'counter trial'. Put an old, seldom worn tshirt with no holes and leaned against the counter where I had been reading the newspaper (for maybe 5 minutes) before changing my clothes and lightly rubbed back and forth a few times. Presto... there is a hole in my shirt!

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By treesh99 3 06/19/2013

You got it, Alison!

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By 4revolutionary 1 08/04/2013

I found it is not the counter top, it is the jean button/or above the button where it comes to a point and is very thick. If it was caused by a front loader I would think it would not be selective with holes only in the front at the bottom of the shirt, they would be on the back, the sleeves, etc. Seatbelts could be rubbing against the jeans and shirt causing the same holes as if you were rubbing against a countertop or any other surface.

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By aamey 1 09/01/2013

I'm having the same problem. I know it's not silverfish because its only happening to the tops I wear all the time and it is always in the same location - in the front. From reading everyones answers, and the fact it has only started happening to me since I moved into my new house in October last year. I believe it is my granite bench tops.

I'm ruling out seatbelts because I've had my current car for 3 years and its only been the past 10 months that holes have started appearing in my tops. I also believe it is two particular low rise pairs of jeans that are causing the holes after I lean against my grainte bench tops.

I checked a couple of my other tops this morning that are thicker material and I can see that they almost have holes in them too. Very frustrating, expensive problem and its hard to remember to change your top before going into the kitchen!

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By billyjudio 1 09/24/2013

Just complained to my daughter that I have ruined another new top! It only happens when I wear jeans and it happens with all my jeans (different brands). So frustrating. Last year I put packing tape over the button and that helped, but what a pain to have to do that. Wish I could figure out some other way to cover the button. Hate to not be able to wear my jeans.

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By Traylb31 1 10/20/2013

I have a kinda same problem but different, I am a plus size woman, and every pair of pants I own that are cotton have tiny holes in the right side of my behind towards the top of my pants. It has been driving me crazy to figure out why. What makes it even more crazy is that it is in the exact same spot in every pair. I have checked everywhere and can't find anything!

I just bought a new pair of pants because of this reason and today was the first day wearing them, I wore them about 6 hours, didn't think about the holes, just took them off to do some laundry, and low and behold 3 tiny hole starting in the exact same spot, I wish somebody could help me, I am in tears right now! Any thoughts?

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By Phyllis Heim S. 1 10/21/2013

Since I was convinced it is the bulk of fabric at the corner of the waistband of the jeans (the side with the snap or button), I tried an experiment to find the cause of the annoying and costly problem:

After purchasing a new shirt (t-shirt knit), I inspected it for any defects, paying particular attention to the center, mid-way to bottom of the shirt.

Throughout the day I checked the area of the shirt where this problem always occurs, (the bulk of the fabric corner of waistband on the jean which curled forward).

Even before noon, I began to notice shiny spots appearing, indicating a definite wear pattern exactly where the jeans waistband touched the shirt. By the end of day several tiny holes appeared where the shiny spots began.

I have tried ironing a light-weight knit interfacing to the area of the shirts where the holes tend to appear which did help but the hang of the shirt suffered somewhat. I am now wearing a camisole on top as a buffer (helps also); but want to eliminate the bulk of fabric without causing another problem (fraying of the jeans).

A friend suggested duct taping!

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By NeoNeo 1 12/29/2013

I'm 5'1''. When I lean against the counter to wash dishes, my jeans button meets up with the bottom edge of the counter with the shirt in between and cuts littles holes in the shirt. I solved the problem by putting clear Scotch packing tape along the edge of the counter. It barely shows so that it is not noticable. I didn't have any more holes in my shirts for two years before needing to replace the tape.

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By cindys33 1 03/06/2014

There have been a lot of explanations for the tiny holes in t-shirts. The simple fact is that there is a friction between denim and jersey fabric, along with the pointed corner of the waistband that cause the tiny holes.

I have battle this problem for years and came up with a solution. You can view this garment protector at

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By darrellrecob 1 06/07/2014

I have many shirts, some almost new, the same way. I believe mine, along with a severe stroke, were caused by metabolic acidosis from not wearing my CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Check either your urine or saliva ph level.

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By ShannonKCMO 1 10/23/2014

I have these holes too. I never had them until I started wearing a belt. It is the "stem" of the buckle (the part that goes in the holes) that rubs on your shirt and causes the holes. I have to wear a belt so I'm putting some packing tape on the stem to see if that helps.

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Very frustrating! New lightweight sweater - wore it 3 times - and two new holes have appeared like numerous other tops of mine. It is not caused by granite counter tops, since I have laminate. The problem started 3 years ago with the purchase of new GM cars. My daughter has a Ford and the seat belts are a bit different in how they are sewn. My seatbelt stitching has two very sharp start and end points. When the holes come, they are always in pairs of two, spaced apart as the width of the seatbelt. I bought a strap cover meant for baby car seats, but it continually slips. I am convinced the holes are caused by the seat belts. I believe that my husband does not have the problem because he always wears cotton button up shirts, and I wear knits.

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By Gena V. 1 01/25/2015

Glad I googled "holes in clothes"! I was mystified & mortified about these little holes right by where my belly button is in front of new t-shirts, especially my favorites. After reading comments I now realize it could be from the car seatbelts and/or rubbing on granite countertops. What I think the real culprit is the washes (acid wash, bleached, faded look) on the t-shirts we buy that manufacturers give the fabric to make them feel softer and not spanking new. I've ruined J.Crew & Ann Taylor cotton (100%) tops and even a BCBG that was 100% rayon.

I thought at first it was moths but never saw them & my husband pointed out they wouldn't be making holes always in the same spot. So anyway, these "washes" weaken the fabric so any little friction breaks the fibers thus causing little holes. I just figured this out from reading your posts. So thanks a bunch! From now on I'll work in the kitchen on my old t-shirts, or the ones with holes. Now about the car seatbelts, guess I'll have to wrap it up with something.

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By joelisharc 1 05/20/2015

I get the same problem; but it really sucks when you budget your shopping and get 8 tops from Express and ALL 8 have end up with this holes in them and,less than a year old cloth. I can only wear them to sleep or clean the house! #boycottexpress

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By Jamesk D. 1 06/25/2015

I agree and understand on the cheaper or worn material. I come from a family of hand me downs, don't think I owned a pair of jeans that didn't have holes growing up lol. My jeans now all have holes flooring contractor by trade. I came here because this just happened to me and it was to pairs of jeans I've had for 5 years as well as ones recently bought. I was looking or thinking maybe it had something to do with the water or laundry soap I used tide (He turbo) and I did wash in warm/warm warter when normally I use cold / cold. has anyone with the holes use that freshner pack that came with the detergent I also used half of that

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By Dedel Epe R. 1 08/08/2015

I googled answers for tiny holes in clothing when I saw my third cashmere sweater have tiny holes from 1 to 6 mm in diameter. All those sweaters had no holes when I placed them in the drawer. It is also the same drawer and only happened to my cashmere sweaters maybe because they were thinner. I thought it snagged from the drawer but I tried to feel the top and it was pretty smooth. I was trying to look for insects but did not see any. I live in Miami and Cashmere is seldom used but only during the colder months and only for few days or nights to use cold weather clothes. I discover the holes when I am organizing my drawers. It seems like every year I have thin cashmere sweater that will have holes in them. Cashmeres are expensive and putting beads or apliques will not look good on it . The holes can be in the sleeves or by the chest, by the bottom, by the neck area, randomly scattered and some clustered together. If it is some sort of microscopic insect or bacteria, what can I do to treat my drawer? How can I protect my clothes from these tiny creatures?

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By Dereck C. 1 08/23/2015

I have been plagued by the same problems of 100's of people regarding holes in t-shirts and have read 100's of theories. Having done so, I just carried out a little experiment with the t-shirt I am wearing with holes in. I took a pair of my Levi jeans and put one of the copper rivets behind the t-shirt. I then rubbed the t-shirt with the rivet behind it several times along a car seat belt. Nothing happened other than a dirty mark on the t-shirt. I then took it to the kitchen and rubbed it heavily against the edge of the work surface and nothing happened. However, I then rubbed it once and fairly gently along the stainless steel drawer handle in our fitted kitchen and low and behold the tiny tell tale hole appeared just like all the others. It would appear that if a cotton t-shirt is rubbed between two metals ie copper rivet and stainless steel drawer handle, it takes very effort to make a hole appear. As I am a house husband and do all the kitchen work in our home, it would explain why my wife's and son's t-shirts are not affected. Also, I always wear my t-shirts outside my jeans so the top button and copper rivets are always under the t-shirt. We do not have moths and I have fully checked out our front loading washing machine. There are no sharp edges of any kind! I suggest that if you have modern protruding metal drawer handles the answer may be to change them or wear your t-shirt inside your jeans!

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By Doodlesjd 1 09/04/2015

Has any investigation been done into the correlation between these alien holes in cotton blend tees and the new HE washing machines that do not agitate but are called impellers. I NEVER had a issue prior to the purchase of a 'efficient' environmentally protective washer! just saying...sometimes the old is not necessarily bad!

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What causes small holes in my shirts?

By Tommy from Youngsville, LA

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By peachzeenie 1 08/22/2015

I really believe that all the people that have posted here, do not have holes in their tops from Counter tops, seatbelts or wearing jeans. Think about it. Has this been going on your whole life? You have always worn seatbelts. My car is 9 years old and i have never had holes in my shirts. We moved here almost 2 years ago. NEVER had this problem in the old house. I have new tops but also old tops. Makes no difference, I get holes in some of the cotton ones. It does occur towards the bottom. I have/ had granite countertops. I have cheap clothes and also good quality clothes. It does not matter! I truly believe in most cases you are all having trouble with tiny clothes mites or moths or something like that. I am doing research. This is the first site that came up on Google search. Will keep researching. If I find anything out more definitive, I will post here! Thanks for all your comments! Sounds like there are a lot of people with this problem.

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Question: Preventing Your Seatbelt from Ruining Your Clothes

Last year I bought a new 2010 Chevy Silverado pickup truck. It wasn't long until I noticed all my shirts and even my sweaters, over the winter, had what I would describe as piling or fuzz on them. It's always a straight line on the bottom of shirt. I'm sure it's the lap belt part of the seatbelt.

My shirts are of high quality and this is driving me crazy as clothes aren't cheap. I pulled my new shirt out from under the bottom part of the lap belt and this never happened. Then the one time I forgot to pull it out there it was a long fuzzy piling along the bottom of my shirt. Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix it?

By kaysk

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By kaysk 1 4 07/19/2011

Thanks everyone I will give the fuzz shaver a try first if it doesn't work I will turn to the covers.

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Question: Tiny Holes Appearing in T-shirts After Washing

I've noticed that when I wash my tee-shirts (which were new) I have tiny holes in them, not just one, but a lot of them. What am I doing wrong?

Patty from Hyattsville, MD

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By tommy t 1 1 07/03/2012

I am having this same problem. I have read on this site that car seat belts may be causing this, but is your son old enough to drive? also, I noticed it happened to one of my undershirts, which is unlikely to be exposed to the seat belt of my car. But, I am having the same problem and it only happens to my shirts, not my wife or kids. I drive a Cadillac CTS 2010. Let me know if this helps or if you have other information.

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Question: Cause of Little Round Holes in Clothing

None of these answers explains the holes which I am increasingly finding in the seats of my pants. They are in the pattern of a round hole about the size of a pencil eraser with a smaller hole next to it. Have also found similar holes in tops and even panties.

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By Donna 38 09/01/2013

I get them from cramming clothes into a drawer. Stuffing the drawer makes items catch between the drawer and cabinet causing a small hole or cut in the fabric. Sometimes the hole doesn't become apparent until after laundering. And I still do it. When will I ever learn?

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Tiny Holes In Clothing

Is there a connection between front loading washers and tiny holes in T-shirts?

Leslie from Columbus, OH

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

Are the holes in front about waist high? My guys have ALWAYS had little holes there and I finally decided it was because that area rubs on the front fasteners of their pants. No difference for us in our old top load and new front load. (06/25/2008)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

Make sure you are zipping up all zippers and buttons because with front loaders the clothes rub together. (06/25/2008)


RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

No. I have a top loading washer and have tiny holes all through my t-shirts! Very annoying! I embroider small flowers over the holes in my granddaughter's t-shirts and she loves them. No one else in her class has the same shirt! (06/25/2008)

By catastrofy

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

It is probably from using too much bleach, or using bleach too often, which eats through clothes over time and weakens and destroys the fibers. (06/26/2008)

By Anita

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

I was told that on the more inexpensive t shirts, the little holes are where the machine making them starts a new thread. They unravel a little at that point and, I don't know if this is true or not, but my more expensive t-shirts don't seem to have the little hole problem. (06/26/2008)

By katklaw777

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

I have the same frustrating issue of tiny holes in the front waist line of my t shirts, which happened within the last month. Same washer/dryer so that's not the issue. Then I thought "moths!", but it's not all my clothes, and they usually don't attack cotton, and how can it be a coincidence that the bugs would always eat the same place on the T shirts. Is it my seatbelt? I've "lost" 7 shirts over the past few weeks, some cheap, some expensive, some new, some are old. I think it might be my detergent. I've read that biological detergents with enzymes (purposes of the enzymes is to break down protein, starches and fat that may be found in dirt and stains upon clothing to be laundered, for example food stains, sweat or mud) might attack shirts, specifically proteins on a shirt, so if you have a bit of silk or a splatter of grease or a bit of wool in a T shirt, the enzymes can differentiate a stain from the fabric of the shirt, so it attacks & causes the hole. I've tried to become more "environmentally friendly" using non-toxic, natural laundry detergent, but I think this is the cause of my holes in my T shirts. So, I'm switching back to tide, getting some new shirts, and hoping for the best. (08/18/2008)

By Sarah

Archive: Tiny Holes In Clothing

I am looking for a solution as to what to do about tiny holes in cotton t-shirts. All of the postings that I have read so far haven't answered my question relating to finding the source.


Archive: Tiny Holes In Clothing

There are tiny holes showing up at the top of my blouse and t-shirts. Does anyone have an answer as to why? These were fairly new clothes.


Archive: Tiny Holes In Clothing

I keep finding tiny round holes in my clothing and think it may be caused by moths. Should I be able to see these moths? If so what do they look like? Thanks.

By Ruth from Scotland

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

Ruth, below is link that might help. As the article says, it's the larvae of these fabric pests, not the adults, doing the damage so I doubt you will actually see them. Also check the inside finish of both your washing machine and dryer for imperfections. Any slight nick on the interior or paint of the walls, lids, and doors can cause dozens and dozens of small clothing snags long before you even spot them.

Here's the site. (I'm sure there are many others like it on the web if this doesn't answer your questions. Search under "moths and silverfish" or "fabric pests".) Good luck. (01/13/2011)

By KansasCindy

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

Silver fish can also be doing this. They like to eat fabric. (01/17/2011)

By TandT Grandma

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

After getting holes in many of my shirts only worn with my jeans, I have concluded that the metal button on my jeans is causing the problem. I rarely tuck shirts in. Now I am putting masking tape over the buttons so I will see if that helps. (02/20/2011)

By lindab1527

RE: Tiny Holes In Clothing

I have been having this problem for years and it's been driving me mad. I have finally worked out that it is my jeans, all 3 pairs do it. It's not the button or the belt but when I sit down my jeans are quite tight over my tummy and the zip tends to stick out and I think that is what's doing it. I tried cutting the zip off and replacing with a safety pin, but still got holes. I now have a pair of button fly jeans and finally have some t shirts without holes. Not easy to find button flies though. Anyone know a good place to get these? (03/23/2011)

By cas_stevens

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