Using Coyote Urine to Keep Cats Out of the Yard


Some readers have recommended coyote urine to keep cats out of my yard. Won't coyote urine attract coyotes to my yard? I don't want them to eat the cats, just want the cats to stop pooping in my yard.

By Marilyn from Portland, OR


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,066 12/08/2010

You can get lemons any time of the year. Cats hate lemons. If you can simply dry them or put them out in pie tins, perhaps somewhere where the birds can't get them, you might be able to keep them away. They sure do work with the houseplants!
Hope this helps.

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By Bilbo 1 7 12/09/2010

You could plant some coleus canina, rue, lavender or pennyroyal. Also mothballs work if you want to go ghetto.

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By vicki hood 4 564 12/10/2010

Those farms with coyotes and fox are cruel and outlawed in many states. The animals are used in canned hunts where some big jerk a#* hole has to prove what a big man he is and the animal is released into a closed in area to be torn apart, much like pit animals, or shot. Please don't buy their pee. Don't care for the cats? Cayenne pepper sprinkled. Has to be reapplied after wet.

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By Patricia Hamm 4 150 12/11/2010

Try shaking Cyenne Pepper where the cats travel and pop. One thing about cats they are always licking their paws and the pepper gives them something to remember. My mom told me to use this because cats love to walk on the cars and when you use the pepper on it they don't come back. Good Luck.

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By elcid 21 12/11/2010

Don't be silly it won't draw coyotes but it would work on keeping the cats away being a predator of such animals as a cat. The other suggestions that were written also all have proven too work as well with the suggestion of the coleus canina planting being the best for such a problem as you wouldn't have to keep applying it.

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By Cindy 3 287 12/17/2010

Muttmom. Thanks for this info. I was wondering where and how coyote urine was collected and appreciate your shout out against such a cruel practice. I'm not sure why some are so worried about cats pooping in their yards, but agree that a sprinkling of red pepper is far more friendly and socially acceptable than supporting an industry that corners coyotes for slaughter and then sells their urine. Thanks for speaking up against such a vile practice.

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