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Uses for M&M's Plastic Tubes

Does anyone have any uses for the plastic tubes M & M's come in?

By Pam from Roberts, ID

Recent Answers

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]04/15/2009

You can use them to hold arcade tokens.

By Pam04/15/2009

My mom uses one os those tubes to hold quarters. This would be a handy way to take them to the laundromat or to a gaming arcade.

By KL [3]04/10/2009

Previously on TF:


This thread has several throughout of little poems that you write or print to be included with little momentos like:
Friendship in a Bag Survival Kit
(some items might have to be customized to be able to fit in the cannister tube)

Similar ones here: ... sid=d6e470884a87238f3ff12b96ac0ffe9c

If the lids on those are flat:
I saw a craft using empty film cannisters where they used a strong waterproof glue to glue a rock to the lid. They put a space house key inside the cannister and then hid it outside (bury the tub in the dirt with only the rock showing)

Decorate and use to hold tooth/reward for the Tooth Fairy.

Storage for:
- toothpicks
- cotton swabs or balls
- matches
- mini sewing kit
- spare buttons
- thimbles or sewing needles
- small condiments for lunch box
- rings or earrings holder
- safety pins
- organize small craft items like beads
- organize small office supplies like paper clips
- sort & store garden seeds
- store spices & herbs
- store hardware: nuts, bolts, nails, etc
- pill or vitamins when traveling

By Becca25 [11]04/10/2009

Are you referring to M&M Minis? Fill with quarters if you go to laundromat. Make into a necklace to hold cash for outtings like Six Flags. Create a mini first aid/sewing kit/medicine holder for purse/backpack good for camping. Tampon holder maybe? Store beads. Make mini suprises for kids. Shove baby wipes or cleaning wipes into them for quick clean up on the go/car. If you smoke, throw a few cigarettes in them with a lighter. Refill with candy for cheaper than buying more tubes of M&Ms. Put a cut down taper in with a lighter for emergency reasons.

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