Preventing Brillo or SOS Pads from Rusting

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These useful kitchen scouring pads have one downfall; they rust. This is a guide about preventing Brillo or SOS pads from rusting.


Solutions: Preventing Brillo or SOS Pads from Rusting

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Tip: Keeping S.O.S. Pads Longer

I use S.O.S. scouring pads for scouring pots and pans. When I'm done, I put the pad in a little plastic baggie and pop it in the freezer until the next time I do pots and pans. This way it doesn't get rusty and fall apart. I've been doing this for many, many years. I'm sure one can do this to a Brillo pad too.

Source: I got this idea so long ago, I actually think it was from Heloese.

By Joy from Greenwood, DE

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Tip: Make Brillo Pad Last Longer

To prevent a Brillo pad from getting rusty, rinse after use then shake out all of the excess water. Make sure no more water comes out when you shake it. I even hit the pad against the sink wall a few times. The pad will last so much longer!

By FI1969 from Catonsville, MD

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Tip: Store Steel Wool Pads in a Jar

I keep my used pad in a small jar with a lid. I had accidentally pushed a pad in a jar to the back of my cabinet and a few months later when I discovered it, it was still unrusted and usable.

    Source: My Mom

    By Betty Crocker [1]

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    Tip: Store SOS Pads In The Freezer

    Keep your SOS pads in the freezer It stops them from rusting

    Source: my sister-in-law gave me this tip

    By Lisa-Marie from Toronto, Ontario

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    Tip: Use Baking Soda To Prevent SOS Pad Rust

    How to get the most out of your S.O.S. pads. By putting a layer of baking soda wherever you store your used sos pads will prevent rusting. I only use a corner of the sos pad for small jobs then put the pad on the soda and you can use it over and over until it's ready to be thrown out without that nasty rust. I use a saucer but anything that is not paper will hold it. I find it amazing.

    By Stainless from Toronto, Canada

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    Tip: Keeping Steel Wool Pads from Rusting

    Don't throw away that half-used steel wool pad. You can save it from rusting by putting it in a solution of baking soda and water. Change the soda-water solution every once in awhile to keep it fresh and keep it covered to prevent evaporation. Another way is to freeze it in a plastic bag. It thaws quickly and there is no rust.

    By NellieMary from WV

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    Tip: Saving SOS Pads

    After using a SOS (soapy steel wool) pad, lay it on a piece of tin foil. It will not rust and can be used again.

    by Carol from Jerusalem, Ohio

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