Natural Treatment for Yeast Infection in Dog's Ears

What are some natural remedies for yeast infections in my pet's ears?

By Immanuel from Tampa, FL

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Key in "Blue Power Ear Wash" on thriftyfun's search engine. You'll get a lot of information on its use.

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For several years I've been dealing with ear infections my yellow lab kept getting. The vet would recommend one ear wash or another. He's been on anti-biotics and prednisone several times. Desperate, I finally started looking around for natural remedies and found your site this past Sunday. Today is Tuesday and his ears are the best they've been in quite a while. I used equal parts of organic apple cider vinegar, alcohol, and warm water with great success. I tried using the tea tree oil to soothe the ear but it never mentioned to dilute it so it irritated it. I then diluted it with extra virgin olive oil but it still irritated his hear flap so I've eliminated it. Anyway, thanks for the very helpful information. I almost forgot. I also started giving him Pavel's plain yogurt twice a day and he seems to have more energy. Just generally feeling better, I would say.

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Thank you all so much for your posts! Shaya, my dog, had a yeast infection. I used the apple cider vinegar diluted with water for like 2 days. Took her to the vet today & she tested negative for yeast infection! :-) I dealt with these infections in her father. The meds they prescribed did some damage to his liver & kidneys. So thankful that I don't have to put her through this! He lived to be 12 ~ but ~ I had to have him euthanized which is the hardest thing to do (I don't think I can go through that again)! She's one of my 5 babies ( bottle fed dogs ) & grateful that I can use homeopathic remedies instead of the harsh meds! Thanks again to you all! :-)

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I tried the vingegar, rubbing alcohol mixture, and it workd for both of my Shelties. It is nice to know that something works without paying so much money to the vets office. Kate from West Leyden

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I have a rotweiller that has had ear infections to some degree for several years. I took her to the vet several times, but the meds they gave me didn't seem to help and every trip cost me upwards of $70.00 including the exam and meds.

So after a little bit of research regarding the issue, I first read up on what causes the yeats infection in the first place. The main cause seems to be in the diet. So I went on a campaign to find dog food that had no *beef, wheat, starch or sugar* Beneful green label seemed to be answer. My husband insists on feeding them *bites* of people food so she still gets an occasional taste of the bad stuff. While I'm still not sure what the culprit is, I have managed to ward off most of the problem.

When the infection does flare up (a few times a year) I simply use womens vaginal yeast infection cream. The applicator makes it a breeze to put in the ear, then I just massage it in for awhile. It's thick enough she can't shake it out, which is nice. It takes the annoying itch away almost instantly.

One more side note. . . for those of you using a watery treatment like vinegar or alcohol mixture with water, saturate a cottonball with the mixture, tuck it under the ear flap and rub. The liquid goes into the ear with out annoying the dog by squirting inside.

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I am going to start this treatment tonight if I can get him held down enough to put it in. He is not a mean dog just has sore ears so been trying everything to keep him happy. Been there done that with the vet and it does not work. So, I will try this. Thanks all so much for all these tips. He is my baby and my boys and I would not know what to do without him. Thanks again you all are great.

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Which type of women's vaginal cream do you use on the dogs ears? Also what type of dog food has no yeast growing ingredents? Thanks for you help.

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When they already have the infection use the vinegar solution already mentioned in their ears. Give them a bath with at least a cup full of vinegar in the water, this is mostly to treat their paws to prevent re-infection. The last part is always the dog's favorite. Feed them a half cup of plain yogurt once a week. This helps prevent the growth of the yeast & also helps with the stinkers! (gas).

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There is an ear product called Zymox, it is a natural enzyme that attacks the bad yeast. they have a web site, and it is very inexpensive under 20.00, and no drugs, they also have a shampoo, (at also, I read recently on Lew Olson's website b-nturals, that apple cider vinegar is high in sugar, and the three things yeast needs to survive are, heat, moisture and sugar, only use white vinegar for cleaning on a dog. I have a young dog whose favorite thing to do, is cruise the orchard and eat as many apples and pears as he can get, boy did the yeast love him. No more fruit and only white vinegar from now on.

Dr. Jean Dodds, of HemoPet, has a new food sensitivity test on her website, it is just a cheek swab, under 60.00 and that includes the kit they mail to you, cheaper than a vet. Good luck all.

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Hello, I am reading this thread for the first time as my Golden Retriever has a yeast infection in both her ears. I took her to the vet yesterday; it was her first appointment as I recently adopted her from Retriever Rescue of Colorado. I have the medicine from the vet but would like to use the white vinegar from now on. Can anyone tell me if the white vinegar should be diluted or used straight from the bottle? How often should I use it? She weighs 70 lbs (ten too much) so I won't be giving her a bath myself. Should I apply the white vinegar to her paws also and if so, how often?

Thanks for any help you all can offer,


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I came across this site when looking to buy more mometamax without a rx. Impossible to do that. My Min Pin has recurring ear infections and a trip to the vet is costly! I am going to try the vinegar, alcohol, water solution tonight on a cotton ball. Wow, I am so glad I found out all this interesting information without spending a lot on a vet visit! Anxious to see if it actually works! Thanks everyone!

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My dachshund had been suffering from the ear infection for many painful months. Frustrated with the vets visits, and the more than $50.00 I kept paying every time to have the vets tell me the same thing, I finally got to searching for natural remedies.

I thank you so much for posting this helpful information. The first time I applied the cotton ball with apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water, she was like a new and improved dog. She was so happy and excited that finally something helped! My dog Sugar and I say thank you!

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I found a mixture in equal parts of Monistat , polysporin and Cortaid (all 3 can be generic) mixed together well and placed in a container with a lid works wonders. My Basset no longer scratches her ears to the point of distraction (missing fur and huge hematomas). At first I applied it weekly into her ears after cleaing with a baby wipe. Fortunately, Basset ears are nice and roomy so it's easy to get down in the ear to clean. Then I get a tiny dollop of the magic medicene and apply it tothe canal opening inside of her ears and gently rub her ears. The body heat helps melt the ointment and allows it to coat the ear canal. I now only apply it when I bath her unless I see an abundance of wax build up.

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