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Cleaning Stains on a Shower Floor

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I have a nice walk in shower that my 8 year old daughter and I use. In the last few months, I've noticed the floor of the shower has gotten so dirty. I can't seem to be able to get rid of these stains. I don't even know what they are from! Can anyone give me some ideas for getting rid of these unknown stains? Thanks!

By Jaci from MO

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By Bob Evony R.09/30/2014

After years of struggling with this problem I have found the magical answer - shampoo. I use Head and shoulders anti dandruff, just pour it on the floor (cover it so you cannot see any of the floor), leave overnight and when you shower tomorrow the water washes away the shampoo revealing a totally clean floor with NO scrubbing. Really dirty areas may require a second application.

Made me ask what sort of dirt I had in my hair lol.

By SusanLee [4]09/11/2011

I'll tell you what I did. We have a walk in shower, hard water and I live in the south so we have a horrible time with mold. I had glass doors on it so trying to clean it was a real pain. I got rid of the doors and put up two shower curtains. If the heat or AC is running it causes the shower curtain to draw when the shower is on and you're fighting the curtain.

Two curtains stopped that. I also have double shower curtain hooks. I don't have to open snaps, the curtains just slip over the hooks. This makes it easy to slip the curtain on and off. I just slip it off and toss it in with a batch of towels when it needs cleaning. I keep a non-scratching pot scrubber in the shower. I use Dove soap so I'm left with soap residue but it isn't a problem.

When I'm finished showering. I toss the scrubber in the bottom of the shower. Rub it around with my foot and it's clean. As I get older all that crawling and reaching around in the shower to clean it is frustrating. I just don't have the energy. Plus I get all wet. It's just easier for me to clean it while I'm in there taking a shower. I'm already wet.

The bottom of my shower had gotten really grungy looking over the years. Since I started using the pot scrubber with my foot. It has come as clean as it did when we first moved in. The main reason I swished it around was to get the Dove residue up because it could cause me to slip. I was really surprised as time went by to see it coming clean.

By Patricia Nicholas [13]03/18/2011

I was going to suggest a magic eraser (Mr Clean makes them and there are also generic ones), and depending on what the floor is made from you could also try Borax (found in the laundry aisle) it works wonders on porcelain.

By shari [1]03/16/2011

You didn't mention what the step is made of but I starting using Dawn dish detergent and a Majic (sp) Eraser on my acrylic tub. I picked this tip from somewhere on the internet. Works like a charm to remove rust stains and stubborn bathtub rings.


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The base of my shower looks really bad. It's supposed to be white but has a lot of ground in dirt discoloring it. Nothing I have tried has worked.

By Linda from Liverpool, UK

Most Recent Answer

By ck [2]10/15/2011

I had the same problem! Tried everything and was considering having the existing shower insert removed and I was pondering about what to replace it with for ease of cleaning. I saw here, on ThriftyFun about using Fume free
Easy Off Oven Cleaner(blue cap) for cleaning showers/tubs for heavy soap scum, dirt, and hard mineral build up. I applied, let set, and used bargain brand "magic erasers" to scrub. My DH was nearly blinded by the "new" beauty of our existing shower inset. I do hope that you have access to the blue topped Fume Free Easy Off Oven Cleaner in the UK. Best Wishes!

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