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How Do I Adjust My Monitor's Screen Size?

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When I log into my computer the screen is smaller than the display monitor. I have to manually use the extend arrow to fill the monitor.

By Dr. Osifo


Recent Answers

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By Grandma J [46]08/30/2010

Go to an empty spot on the desk top. Right mouse click. Go to properties. Click settings. You can adjust what you want right there. First time I learned this back when Win 95 came out, I blew everything large and could not find my return buttons. The tech expert said to shut down the computer and it would restore itself. Only way to learn is to ask questions!

By Beth [25]08/03/2010

Lots of times the active window does not open up full size. That's so you can have multiple windows open to use information in each. Just double click the title bar and it will be full size.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]08/01/2010

If you just want the active window to stretch all the way across the screen, this is my quick fix: I press F11. Of course, that hides the menu controls, but that doesn't matter to me because I use keyboard controls rather than a mouse.
I know there's a way to "maximize" the active window, but I can't remember it. I searched through my menu options and couldn't figure out which option it was under. Sorry, I'm sure you can find it by pressing F1 to go to the help menu.

By Suntydt [75]07/25/2010

What operating system do you use? Windows 2000, XL, Vista, 7?


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Question: Adjusting a Computer Monitor Screen

I have changed my monitor, a Samsung Syncmaster 753s, to a Samsung syncmaster943nwx. Now the screen is 1/2 inch blank either way. How can I adjust my screen to full screen?

By DJ Krishna

Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]10/08/2012

When you right click on your desktop you get a menu and usually the bottom option is "Properties" or "Graphic Properties". Select that.

The next window that opens can have numerous possibilities but you are mainly looking for "Display Options". I tested it with the monitor I am currently using and had to go to "Graphic Properties" and then on the window that opened "Display Options". The key word is "Display".

Once you get into the area of your display you should see a selection for "Resolution" or "Screen Resolution" and you will see a number like "1440 X 900" (that is my current resolution). This number is displayed in a drop down menu. Select one of the other resolutions and see how the screen looks.

In the past Microsoft has always had a little window pop open that says, "You have changed your resolution to #### X ### Click OKAY to keep this resoltion or it will return to the previous resolution in "insert time here". Basically, if you change it and don't like it it will change back pretty quickly. I think it is 30 seconds. You should find a resolution that fills the whole screen.


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Archive: How do I adjust my monitor's screen size?

How do I adjust my monitor's screen size?

oops from India, Tamilnadu

RE: How do I adjust my monitor's screen size?

Here are your steps for changing the screen resolution via MSN- (09/28/2006)


RE: How do I adjust my monitor's screen size?

This how I do it on my puter using WindowsXP. Click on start. Click on settings. Click on control panel. Look for systems icon among the icons. Right click on the display icon. Left click on settings. Adjust the screen resolution. (09/30/2006)

By Dean

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