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Recycled Crafts With Cigarette Packs

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Recycling Crafts With CigarettePacks

Recycling Crafts With CigarettePacks

This is a before/after photo showing a recycle craft from cigarette packs, a couple hole punches, a little ribbon and some imagination. I made tags from cigarette boxes which contained lots of the color green (and some blue) and made small pine trees with my hole punch. I also used a star punch to thread ribbon through.

The silver foil is also from my cig pack - so it is all second life materials except for the ribbon (I couldn't take the time to find it). I save a lot of my little pieces in the cellophane from off the cig pack as well taping closed.

By melody_yesterday from Sedalia, Missouri



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By melody_yesterday [213]04/01/2008

:) glad you like it ! Thanks ! Here's another one by the same principal.The clouds on the left is from torn recycled tissue paper & the silver cloud on the right is of foil from my cig pack

RE: Recycled Crafts With Cigarette Packs

By Jean in GA (Guest Post)04/01/2008

Your cards are very pretty. They look like you took a great deal of time with them showing detail. Good idea.

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