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I removed old bathroom tiles and plaster from my bathroom walls and now it's down to the drywall paper. I can't afford to have new drywall installed so I'm looking for ideas to cover it up. Some of the areas are uneven. It's a small bathroom so there is not a lot of wall to cover. I like contemporary looks. I love colors! Please advice. Thanks.

By Lorri N from Kansas City, MO


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By Tammie 32 63 07/07/2011

Look up "rag painting" on the internet for images and how to's. It is really pretty when complete and inexpensive. It will also help hide those uneven areas.

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By lees75 12 07/07/2011

Try "old world" charm in a neutral color. The rough areas are so shabby chic.

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By xintexas 28 395 07/09/2011

I used drywall plaster or compound with a trowel on my bathroom. It covers all the uneven parts and you can make the finish look any way you want. I made mine look as an old European plastered bathroom. Then I painted and later rag rub more color on.

It comes in a bucket in several sizes and is very inexpensive. It is a little thick and can be used that way or add some water to thin it out some. Needs to dry overnight and then it is ready to be painted or stained. I had lots of fun putting it on and had to decide what kind of finish I wanted, I did play with it for a while until I found what was right for me. Washes off hands and trowel with soap and water.

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By Tanya 4 77 07/09/2011

How big is your bathroom? You may be able to cover it with two or three rolls of contact paper. I like the brown contact paper that looks like paneling, but that's my preference. You might like something else. Contact paper comes in several different colors and designs and it's not too expensive either. If you decide you don't like it, I read somewhere it can be peeled right off if you hold a hair dryer to it for a while.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,065 07/09/2011

You can pick fabric you like, and use a can of fabric adhesive. I redid my sisters entire bathroom like that, and then had matching shower curtain. They were a full flat sheet for each. I just did the top half of the walls and then put lathe strips for a "wainscoating" effect. It turend out nice. Good luck!

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By Rachel's Mom 277 87 07/11/2011

Lowe's Home Improvement and Home Depot carry textured wallpaper that is thicker than regular wallpaper and ideal for use on damaged walls. They also have some that can be painted the color of your choice. I just hung some above my kitchen cabinets, over existing wallpaper, in a basket weave pattern that I painted. I am very pleased with the results. Good luck!

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Tip: Frugal Wall Update

My mother's taste in decor and mine differ a WHOLE lot. Her bathroom was "darling", while I am a bit more daring.

After looking at the same paper a number of years after her death, and wanting to do something about it yet not destroy her work, I decided to keep a portion ONLY of the wallpaper she hung visible and cover what I didn't like with a vinyl peel and stick.

This whole update was under $10 but the outcome is a lot more valuable in appeal.

You can see the old vinyl wallpaper on the left of one pic and can see by looking at the window shade, I only kept the parts showing that I liked. The rest is hidden under woodgrain dollar store peel and stick.

I'm not quite done with it but even if I must say so myself, it's looking pretty darn good ! ;)

By melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO Frugal Wall Update with woodgrain vinyl. Frugal Wall Update with woodgrain vinyl. Frugal Wall Update with window.

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