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Halloween Gravestone Epitaphs

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I came up with a series of silly epitaphs for tombstone shaped Halloween cards, but I thought other crafters might come up with other ways to use them.

<ol><li>I'm with stupid

<p><li>If you can read this, you're too close

<p><li>For a good time call...

<p><li>Sam I am, I am Sam. I ate green eggs and ham, and now look where I am

<p><li>Hey! Get off me!

<p><li>Anybody get the number of that truck? Because I sure didn't!
By Angela from Sault Ste Marie, ON


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [424]10/15/2008

I was going to suggest I Told You I was Sick...but Susie beat me to it!
How about "Having a dirt Milk"?
"Having a Dirt Nap...shhh"
"I Knew that Chicken Smelled Fishy"!
"His last words were...Hey, Watch This"!

By Shirley [13]10/11/2008

Here are more: Phil Dirt - Will E. Rott - "I finally got to the bottom of things" - I was Fred, now I'm dead.

By Susie from Buckhead,Georgia (Guest Post)10/10/2008

How about... I told you I was sick!

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